From Jan: Court update for 16th March


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This is a quick note about my court appearance on 16th March.

This was the main hearing that we’d been waiting for, for 4 months. The court was full and lots of cases were being first heard and then postponed. There was 1 case to go before we were due to go in for the full hearing, when suddenly, there was a power outage in the court building due to rolling blackouts (load shedding). The electricity has been very unstable in the last few days.

So we were in darkness for a while before the lights came on. When they came on it turned out it was the generator that was being run and there was only power for lights and not for PCs and for the recording equipment. So we spent about 15 minutes in the court sorting out a new court date 1 month in advance and handling other initial matters.

So the full hearing is about exactly a month from now.

I would love to tell you a lot more, but I’m afraid that is not possible at the moment. Things are very tricky and dodgy I’m afraid. I wish I could tell you a ton of things, but it would be so unwise.

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