S.Africa: More Electricity problems to come – My Comments – Could SA be moving to Stage 4 load shedding?

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[Here in my part of Johannesburg, we've had more blackouts in the last 2 days. They were sudden and were mostly at night, but we even had load shedding (rolling blackout) this morning. So the bit of cold we have is also impacting the silly electricity supply!!! Things are not looking good! But hey … we must head into the abyss. That's the best hope for us. Jan]

DURBAN – WITH most of the country gripped by a cold front that has seen snowfall in some parts of KwaZulu-Natal and surrounds, it is likely that South Africa could see load shedding increase from Stage 2 to Stage 4.

This is according to energy expert, Ted Blom.

This morning, Eskom announced that load shedding would continue until Friday night.

Eskom said two power generation units had broken down and the further breakdowns of generating units at Majuba and Arnot Power Stations on Monday, as well delays in returning units to service at Arnot and Tutuka Power Stations, has forced it to implement load shedding from 10am on Wednesday until 10pm on Friday.

“The emergency generation reserves have been used extensively in the past days to avoid load shedding during the day. This has resulted in these being depleted, reducing available capacity. It is, therefore, necessary to implement load shedding continuously until Friday night at 10pm in order to replenish the emergency reserves,” Eskom said.


Blom said he was expecting load shedding levels to increase.

"I am expecting increased load shedding probability as from Wednesday evening, 2 June – level 4 or above," he said.

According to Eskom, breakdowns total 13 601MW of capacity, while another 1 330MW is unavailable due to planned maintenance.

“Eskom teams are working hard to return generation units to service, as well as to replenish the emergency reserves,” it said.

Source: https://www.iol.co.za/news/politics/could-sa-be-moving-to-stage-4-load-shedding-85aabc9e-0678-42ff-b2e9-a11b6fbeafca

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