From Blackened France: Shameful assassination of Rhodesia… Whites and Boers…


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[I got this lovely email from a Frenchman. Jan]

Hi Jan!

Here in France, most people don’t even know that a country called Rhodesia, efficiently run by white folks, existed in Africa (and I bet it is the same in any non-English speaking European country). Personally, I knew about it when I was a teenager, in the mid-80es, and have studied it a bit.

Always been disgusted by the scandalous, shameful assassination of Rhodesia by the jew-run international community; what a disgrace that the Rhodesians were made to abandon all they had, including the graves of their ancestors. What an injustice!…

To me, the end of Rhodesia illustrates best what White People (that is, the superior race) can do with an empty piece of land; and what jealous blacks do with this heritage when they manage to lay their clumsy hands on it.

Regularly, I refer to this sad episode when I talk to someone about the nature and abilities of blacks. As you may know, France is the most "blackened" country in Europe; We may one day face the same fate.

Take good care, Jan.

All the best to you! All the best to white South-Africans (except the liberals, of course…)! All the best to the real builders, developers and maintainers of South-Africa! Hail Victory! from the niggerized land administered by the french synagogue.


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