American: A White Woman in Africa tried to warn me long ago…

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[Here’s an interesting email I got from a Reader. Jan]

Received on: 2018-02-15 :-

Dear Jan:
In the 1960’s, 1970’s or maybe the 1980;s I was writing to a woman in South Afrikca whose name was Janet Douglas. If I remember correctly, I wrote her from an advertisement she put in a paper that I came across somewhere.

This was during the time of the Civil Rights Movement of the Blacks in the United States and the demonization of White Rule in South Africa and Rhodesia and I wanted to know what was going on .

She warned me in a letter that her mail and other things were being watched and monitored and she had to be careful what she said, and I have a faint idea that , although she never mentioned whether it was by the Blacks or White government.
We wrote back and forth for a time and suddenly, I never heard from her any more.
I always felt guilty and ashamed because I’ve never forgot her and always wondered what happened to her. I always felt that maybe I said, or sent her something that caused her trouble and she thought that I deliberately developed a mail friendship with her to cause her trouble.

She told me of the burnings of White farms, rapes and murders of Whites and farmers in South Africa by the Blacks attempting to use fear and destruction to drive the Whites out of their homes, farms and property.

I know from your web site and videos and articles that you spend a lot of time on them, so I am not asking you to respond to me.

I just thought that maybe you may have heard of her or what happened to her.
I don’t remember her telling me anything about herself that would make her seem important in some organization or group. She may have just been a very dynamic women who saw what was happening to her country and wanted to warn the world that what was happening to her country would happen to others.

During the 1970’s I walked into a restaurant and on a bulletin board which customers put advertisements was a short article that someone had put up about the trouble going on in South Africa and that if the people of the United States did not wake up, we would have the same thing happen here.

And it is but apparently so slowly. I notice that many television, news , comedy’s, sports, talk shows, news, game shows and even weather, as well as movies are having Blacks in them in prominent positions which show Blacks as equal or superior positions and especially the deliberate pairing of Black men with a White women in news, talkshows and the women seem unknowing of how they are being used .

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