My 2019 Christmas & New Year’s message to SA Whites

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[I wrote this message for my close friends and supporters. Jan]

President Cyril Ramaphosa addressing the Jewish Community New Year’s prayer session held at the Gardens Synagogue in Cape Town. The Jewish community is observing the Rosh Hashanah and also celebrating the advent of the year 5779 on the Hebrew calendar.12/09/2018 Kopano Tlape GCIS

Hi Everyone,
I hope you had a Merry Xmas and let’s see what 2019 brings us! Don’t expect any good news from the pieces of dog shit who rule over us, especially that scumbag Ramaphosa. If you think he’s better than Zuma then you’re wrong. Ramaphosa, like Mbeki is LOVED by the (((Liberal))) scum. You’ll see that the lying Mass Media will applaud and laud his every move including the seizure of land without compensation. So do NOT expect the lying dogshit, the journalists, to tell any truth about the anti-white evil that this Ramaphosa is going to get up to. You’re going to be shocked at how many GOOD and POSITIVE things they are going to say about this vile piece of crap who rules over us. Unlike Zuma, where the Mass Media were attacking him, you’ll see the Mass Media having a Ramaphosa love fest to the maximum. So anything this piece of garbage does, they’ll be saying how good and clever it is and how well it is working, even if it is destroying this country.

Don’t be fooled: Ramaphosa IS A COMMUNIST. Don’t be fooled by his personal wealth. Mugabe and all his bum chums were also commies – though they were stinking rich. Mugabe himself is worth billions of US Dollars. These black commies have no problem stuffing vast amounts of wealth into their own pockets – ALL OF THEM – not just Zuma. Zuma is small fry compared to Ramaphosa.

Exactly how many farms the ANC will take as a prelude to the election is anyone’s guess. I suspect the maximum will be the 200 on that shortlist of theirs. But perhaps they’ll seize less initially – who knows. They might even go according to what they think they can GET AWAY WITH. My personal view is that the ANC will go all out on this because this will actually bring in masses of blacks from the DA and the EFF – “back home to the ANC”. In my view, the worst case scenario is the ANC getting 67% of the vote. This would give them the majority to change the constitution AT WILL. This is VERY BAD. Then we’re in a true One Party State. (Though them teaming up with the EFF is also bad news and achieves the same result).

NOTE: 70% of land claims are on urban property – houses and commercial property inside cities. In theory the ANC can seize that too. The ANC can LEGALLY seize a lot of stuff, if it wants to. It will probably “pace itself” and seize what it can, without doing too much harm to its own voter base. But on the whole the ANC will focus on pleasing its black voter base and growing it.

Therefore, the ONLY good things you will hear in 2019 will be from other whites – the actions of other whites. That is going to be the only source of good news. The more whites get active, the more whites can do by themselves and for each other, the better; because that will be the only pleasure and sanity you’ll hear in 2019.

For the record: Christmas is a Christian celebration of something much older that whites in Northern Europe and Scandanavia have celebrated for thousands of years: Mid Winter Solstice. It is the middle of a very long, very cold winter, and whites used to celebrate it because it means that summer is coming. Whites were Sun worshippers. Most races were. Only the Babylonians and the Jews are Moon worshippers. The Jews stole the idea from the Babylonians, then pretended it was theirs all along – but the Babylonians were astronomers and could do the complex calculations needed, which the Jews themselves were too stupid to do.

The calendar and seasons were critically important to the ancient whites as a matter of survival in the unpleasant, difficult, climate of northern Europe. Take note too: Whites survived 20,000 years of Ice Age. That was like living in the Arctic. So knowing dates was CRITICAL TO SURVIVAL. And that’s where this “Christmas celebration” was born – the mid-winter solstice. According to modern astronomers this solstice is on the 23rd. But the ancients took it as the 25th.

Christmas as you know it, with feasting and the giving of presents is actually Pagan and comes from Northern Europe and Scandanavia. But when Christianity was forced on whites, they could not stop this festival because it was so popular. So they turned it into “Jesus’s birthday”.
For us in Africa, Xmas of course means that we’ve passed the middle of summer! 🙂


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