Is Black First Land First a Jewish Front? Or are Jews behind it?

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One of my followers sent me this question:

Received on: 2018-01-28 :-

Question. Do you think or know if BFLF is a jewish front, and who the jews are who are behind it?

I read in an article in the Herald that the leader of this group wanted to exterminate jews. That is a dead giveaway that jews are behind and controlling this group of marxists. And he rose to prominence quickly which is also a sign jews are behind him.

What do you know/think

I replied:
Your analysis is interesting.

I have not studied BFLF closely. They seem to be a brand new group who are much more radical than Julius Malema’s EFF. Malema has definitely been co-opted by the Jews now and he’s enjoying all the BIG MONEY that is pouring in to help him. He openly is seen with the Jewess Helen Zille.

BFLF struck me as a brand new radical black organisation that is grass roots much like Malema’s used to be. I was unaware of them saying they want to exterminate the Jews. But that is interesting if they’re talking like that.

In South Africa the blacks as a whole have a hatred for Israel because of the way they treat the Palestinians. Most blacks see Jews=Israel. They don’t know much about the “white” Jews who are openly around them.

I don’t know who is funding BFLF. But that would be something to dig into.

As a standard rule Jews will run to Blacks who are violent and who want to attack whites. Even if those blacks want to kill the Jews, the Jews will get close to them because the Jews are keen to assist and redirect blacks into attacking whites.

So BFLF might not have been started by Jews. I almost think I heard that they might be something new that started as an offshoot of the ANC ruling party. They might be the next generation of black radicals linked to the ANC. (I’m not totally sure).

But I would think the Jews would zoom right in on them soon, if not already to see if they can redirect them and fund them and set them on the whites.

I don’t think they were started by Jews.

Those are my views/thoughts currently until we can get more info.

Jews LOVE funding black radicals who want to kill whites. Definitely.

I see that BFLF are “Pan African racists”. The original PAC were black racists fighting the whites alongside the ANC. The PAC were responsible for what you know as the Sharpeville massacre of the 1960s. The PAC did not get much funding compared to the ANC. They were keen on really giving it to the whites. But they never got the kind of international support that the ANC got. So BFLF might be similar.

These are black racists in the way that we whites must become global white racists. I can believe that this is more a grass roots thing. There are blacks who really want to get stuck into us whites to kill us and due to Israel they might want to kill Jews too. Though I doubt they could recognise most of the “white” Jews of South Africa!

Remember a big thing for the Jews is that they want to be able to CONTROL the groups. They will use money and other incentives as the means for that. At the same time they will want to ensure that JEWS ARE SAFE! Jews are enormous cowards.

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