2011: S.Africa: The Nelson Mandela of White people – That crazy White Terrorist in Norway… stood up for Wes tern Civilised Values – The Angry White man – Oppression of Whites


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[This is what I wrote in 2011 about Anders Breivik, when he went on his killing spree. I called him the Nelson Mandela of White people. Jan]

S.Africa: The Nelson Mandela of White people – That crazy White Terrorist in Norway… stood up for Western Civilised Values – The Angry White man – Oppression of Whites

Original Post Date: 2011-07-25 Time: 08:00:01 Posted By: Jan

I have been busy the last few days and did not want to spend too much time reading the news, but I had to stop when 2 important news items came up – both of them highly racist I might add.

The one was the terrorist shocker in Norway. The other was The City Press expose on that black racist genocide-monger, Julius Malema and his corrupt activities.

I don’t condone terrorism, and I’ve never advocated that white people should become terrorists, no matter the cause. And I still don’t think that terrorism and random killings is the way to go for any cause.

But I have to tell you something about what that guy in Norway did. I have been sitting and thinking about it.

Let’s begin with the killings. This was a pretty young guy. He was 32. Julius Malema in South Africa who is advocating genocide and the Mugabe-like seizure of farms, mines and even banks is 31. These are youngsters… barely out of their 20’s. The difference is that Malema is of course secretly being assisted by President Zuma of South Africa and the ruling political party, whereas this white man in Norway was a loner.

Not only do I think terrorism is never needed, but I find it particularly sad that this man ran around killing other people of his own kind in order to prove his point.

I have known a number of whites in this country who felt like he does. I have spoken to whites over the years who also were thinking really wild thoughts. And I must tell you, I have had some discussions with people which I never published, but these were white males and they were talking very creepy stuff, just like what this white man in Norway did.

And even now, I do not feel like repeating the detail of what these men were thinking. I remember one man telling me how he thought he could kill lots of black people under certain conditions. He told me how he would go about it. I do not want to describe any of it, but I will tell you that everything he told me made perfect sense, and was easy to do and sounded like something one could get away with for quite a time. In fact, the plan he described to me, tailor-made for African conditions, would probably net you more kills than this guy in Norway did, if you were just patient and carried on with it. If you did it right, you could kill a lot of people for a long time. And the plan would be cheaper and easier to carry out AND you could probably get away with it for quite a long time too.

Another man described to me one day a type of simple weapons experiment one nation tried out in WWII. He explained to me what it was and how it worked. It remains a discussion I also never want to repeat, once again because it is so very doable and extremely useful if you were to find yourself in a war situation and you were denied access to weapons. This is a “Do-it-yourself” type of weapon that someone with mechanical know-how could construct, which again, could be a real killing machine of note. And since no precedent exists for this weapon, nobody could stop you from constructing it. And if you know a bit of your history, and you could get some people with even more mechanical and engineering knowledge on your side, you could create a very easy-to-make, deadly, cheap, mass-produced weapon – again, most suitable for an all-out civil war.

Many whites have thought up wild killing ideas, but nobody actually follows through on them.

Over the years I have had all kinds of people talk to me and confide to me, and as a rule, I keep the best ideas off the Internet. Since Mugabe-like possible future scenarios bother me here in South Africa, I always like to think it is best to keep the best ideas for the rainy day when you’ll need them, when someone is out to annihilate you like Julius Malema wants to do to the Afrikaners and other whites.

For decades the West has feared what the “angry black man” can do. And angry black men like Mugabe and like Mandela went about their business killing people in the most hideous way. They proved their point. Nelson Mandela was a terrorist sponsored by the Soviet Union who set out to unleash 7,000 terrorists across South Africa. Mugabe was actually a better terrorist than Mandela. Mandela was caught and went to jail.

But Mandela used his trial as a platform from which to send his political message. At his trial he read a 90 page political statement. Mandela used the publicity to get his message out there.

That white man in Norway, has said that at his trial he wants to explain why he did this.

That man in Norway is doing EXACTLY THE SAME THING AS NELSON MANDELA – except, that he did it as a loner.

We have seen what angry black men can do. And in more recent decades we have been treated to seeing what angry Muslim/Arab men can do. But we have all forgotten what the ANGRY WHITE MAN CAN DO!! I have mentioned the angry white man many times over the years in my posts on my website.

And take a good look at this Norwegian man. Look at what one loner can do. They are he might have had an accomplice. If so, that makes a mere 2 of them. That is still very different to Nelson Mandela with 7,000 terrorists. Think more of McVeigh and the Oklahoma bombing. There’s another example of what a few white men can do.

We have seen an interesting trend in Europe in recent years where political leaders are arising on a right wing/conservative platform and a good number of them have even been assassinated. But we have seen them arise in country after country: Holland, Germany, Austria and France.

On my website I have had people from Sweden coming to my website and talking about how pro-White, pro-European views are suppressed in their own country.

Just recently, here in Johannesburg I had an interesting experience. I was invited to a meeting by a friend. The meeting was really about fun stuff and esoteric type of topics. When I sat there listening to the talks, they introduced a couple from Belgium. This couple had come to live in South Africa. Then as people chatted to them, the women said that Belgium had changed so much and that white people were being driven out of Belgium. She said that ten years ago if you walked down a street in the capital of Belgium you would see only white faces. She said now if you walk down the street there is hardly a white face to be seen. She said that Belgium had been changed so much that they did not want to live there any more and that the Muslims were taking it over.

One hears similar stories about Britain and France.

Any whites who were born there or lived there, who complain about the changes are shut up. These are politically incorrect topics to talk about.

There seems to be a rising “defensive racism” growing in Europe from whites who are sick of these Africans or Arabs inundating their countries and taking them over.

But the reaction of European Governments has been to just shut these people up, and to basically oppress their views. It is a case of whites oppressing other whites and not allowing them to speak out on racial matters.

There have also been a number of popular leaders who arose in Europe in recent years who went on to be assassinated for their views.

I think one must view the actions of this man in Norway with the view to the context within which it has happened.

He probably succeeded, because he was pretty much a loner. He was like McVeigh or the Una-bomber. Because he operated on a small scale, he was harder to catch beforehand because he left less of an intelligence “footprint” to follow.

And when he went about his business, he did so with calculated cunning and planning and what he pulled off, in military terms was pretty amazing.

What I think is most crucial in this however, is that there must be a rising sense of extreme frustration which exists among some whites in Europe and these whites are not allowed the right to free speech which they should have. These whites are being shut up, and they are having views shoved down their throats which they totally disagree with.

If this man is a Christian conservative, we should remember that Western civilisation was built on the values that this man claims he espouses. In other words, it is not him that is out of step with European values. He just represents the same values that Europe had for centuries and he wishes to preserve them.

As bizarre and desperate as his actions are, this man in his own way, made a stand for the core values that once made Europe. Terrorism and mass murder was certainly not one of them. But, I think that in the same way that people eventually listened to angry black people, they should also be thinking of listening to the angry white man.

The angry white man also has some important and pertinent points that bother him. Why is it that the white man no longer can say his say, even in his own homeland on the continent that he came from?

I see that this man might go to jail for only 21 years because Norwegian justice is soft on murder. But, perhaps something good will come of this.

Perhaps this man in Norway will cause other white people in Europe to sit up and think about the rising racial issues in Europe and the fact that whites are getting more and more annoyed by it. But, many white people, rather than building bombs, are just climbing on a jet plane and flying off to live on another continent and so their dissatisfaction is going unnoticed.

But this one crazy white lunatic in Norway did what no other man in Europe dared to do… and for once… a white person went crazy and did the insane thing… It was one of those rare occasions when a white person was as frustrated as that angry black man and as that angry Muslim… and he just went nuts, even if it meant that he was risking it all.

But maybe, its about time someone stood up and did that, because it seems to me that angry white men just get ignored. Yet this man showed, that under no conditions would he allow himself to be ignored. He may have done something good, and let’s hope that his actions open up a new debate, because maybe that debate is long overdue.

Source: http://archive.africancrisis.info/?p=98197

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