S.Africa: BLACKS HELP BLACKS: Why did the Black Jew Ramaphosa let the Black Zulu Communist Zuma out of Jail?


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[The Black Jew Ramaphosa came up with the very lame excuse of jail overcrowding as the reason to let Zuma out. The reality here is that this is good for the ANC which until now has been split between these two Jerks. Whites, especially White Liberals (who are idiots) are not happy with this. Jan]

By MsTee (self media writer) | 1 hour ago

In a move that has sparked controversy and raised eyebrows across South Africa, former president Jacob Zuma has been released from prison under a special remission granted by President Cyril Ramaphosa. The decision, attributed to the overcrowding crisis within the Department of Correctional Services (DCS), has been met with skepticism and criticism, with many doubting the stated rationale behind Zuma’s release.

The Democratic Alliance (DA), the main opposition party in South Africa, has been quick to voice its skepticism over the timing and justification of Zuma’s release. The DA has accused the DCS of attempting to cloak a politically motivated decision under the guise of addressing overcrowding. John Steenhuisen, leader of the DA, expressed the party’s concerns, stating that "nobody was fooled" by the explanation provided by the DCS.

Critics argue that Zuma’s release comes at a time when the former president’s legal battles and controversies have dominated headlines. The move has ignited speculation about whether political pressure played a role in the decision, as Zuma’s incarceration was initially seen as a symbol of accountability and rule of law. With his release, questions are being raised about the government’s commitment to upholding these principles.

President Cyril Ramaphosa defended the decision, emphasizing the critical need to address the alarming issue of overcrowding within South Africa’s prisons. The President stated that the special remission was extended to low-risk prisoners in an attempt to alleviate the strain on the prison system. However, many remain unconvinced, pointing to the timing of Zuma’s release and the cloud of political intrigue surrounding the move.

AfriForum, who along with the DA, had taken the Zuma medical parole matter to court,said they would be seeking legal advice on the matter, but said it showed that senior ANC leaders were above the law.

Source: https://opera.news/za/en/politics/03e3c81790725e470b1806e44241f6d5

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