S.Africa: Horror attack on White farmer and daughters stabbed with screwdrivers

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[This is from 2017. Jan]

On Wednesday, February 1, in the Driefontein area, a farmer and his daughters were severely assaulted by five black suspects.

The suspects gained entry by forcing their way through the door of the home. The five suspects entered the home and one was armed with a gun. The elderly farmer and his two daughters aged 14 and 16 were assaulted.

The suspects tortured and assaulted the family for almost two hours. During that time, the father was badly assaulted and stabbed in his head with a screwdriver. The suspects stripped the girls naked, and placed bags over their heads, tied up their arms and legs and tied a rope around their necks. The youngest girl was stabbed several times.

The suspects wanted money and apparently, are known around that vicinity. One of the suspects received a warning call and they fled the scene on foot with valuable household items.

Paramedics and the police arrived on the scene to assist the traumatized family. The family was taken to the hospital and the father is in a serious condition. The girls were treated for injuries and later discharged.

The police are investigating the incident and the suspects are still at large.

Source: https://southafricatoday.net/south-africa-news/gauteng/horror-attack-on-farmer-and-daughters-stabbed-with-screwdrivers/

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