2007: Suidlanders pretended Mandela had already died: The Mandela Death Hoax: Cops slam e-mails of black-on-white attacks


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[Here is another item from my old Archive. Even White Afrikaans people were saying this is nonsense. This was when Gustav Muller went on the offensive. He was even telling people that Mandela had already died. Jan]

This is what I wrote:-
Original Post Date: 2007-02-21 Time: 00:00:00 Posted By: Jan

[I’m telling you that the people who were inciting this are white trash in the pay of the ANC who were trying to get Afrikaners to prematurely overreact. My bet is that this was orchestrated by the NIA itself. The people who started this and who were causing the panic should be identified for the fools/liars/traitors/enemy agents they are and scrapped. The people who were taken in by them should make a careful note to never listen to anything these people ever have to say about anything. There are definite attempts to manipulate jittery Afrikaners in this whole race war issue. People are worrying too much. Just chill – and get to know who the white trash are who work for the ANC and purge them from your MIDST. They are right there among Afrikaners. Jan]

Police have lashed out at a message campaign warning white people that black people will attack them when former president Nelson Mandela dies, saying they are without substance.

A spokesperson for the police national commissioner, Director Sally de Beer, said the messages also incited white people to prepare to congregate at pre-identified “safe areas” and to defend themselves accordingly.

“The South African Police Service states emphatically that the contents of the said messages are malicious, scurrilous and without any foundation or substance whatsoever.”

They had been doing the rounds on e-mail, SMS text messages and DVDs.

“The messages form part of a disinformation campaign and publicity stunt by a group known as the Suidlanders, under the leadership of one Gustav Muller,” said De Beer.

“The contents of the messages refer to alleged planning and intended actions under the code names of, among others, Uhuru, Night of the Long Knives, Red October, Operation White Cleanup and Iron Eagle.”

De Beer said the police requested the public not pay any heed to “this nonsense”, nor let it influence their daily lives.

“Those behind this insensitive and repulsive campaign are clearly not acting in the best interests of the country and their actions are apparently intended to incite racial intolerance and hysteria amongst the inhabitants of South Africa.”

Meanwhile, hoax e-mails have been reportedly doing their rounds claiming that Mandela had suffered a stroke.

His spokesperson, Zelda la Grange, said it was all hogwash.

She said he was doing well. He was resting with his wife in Mozambique.

“He is enjoying some peaceful quality time by the side of his wife, away from the pressures in Johannesburg. We communicate with him almost daily and he is in good spirits,” she said.

“We reassure the public that we will not be irresponsible if ever it becomes necessary for us to alert them to any matters relating to Mr Mandela, but at the same time we urge the public not to pay attention to rumours or pursue them.”

She said Mandela’s office had been aware of these e-mails for a number of months.

“Despite our attempts to dismiss these they continue to surface and circulate. — Sapa

Source: Daily Mail & Guardian

URL: http://www.mg.co.za/articlepage.aspx

Source: http://archive.africancrisis.info/?p=10316

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