WHITES: How you THINK determines whether you WIN! – Lessons from Hitler and the Romans

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One thing that is clear to me, as I study history and I ponder Hitler, Napoleon, Frederick the Great, Julius Caesar the Romans as a whole, and others; is that how you THINK determines whether you, as an individual, or as a team or as a society or nation will WIN.

Napoleon for example was a huge student of the Classics (Rome and Ancient Greece). So was Hitler. The Romans themselves are perhaps the most amazing group of Whites who ever lived. In total their civilisation lasted a stunning 1,500 years.

The clearest thinking in our society and our race occurred in the time of the Romans and the Greeks. But the Romans, truly, are amazing. That a single society of Whites could remain active for that long is astounding. I think I know the answer.

If you want to win, you need to have the right mindset for it, or else you’re not going anywhere.

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