South Africa’s Insanely wonderful treatment of Criminals & Murderers!


A family member who works at a prison told me that in recent years they were told to stop referring to prisoners as “inmates”. They now refer to them as “clients”. No kidding! The “clients” also have have committees of their own. They can hold meetings and come up with complaints, etc. Apparently the “clients” did not like the traditional foods that the prisons had been serving for decades, and the prisons had to change the menu!

I also confirmed the length of jail sentences for murder. Murder definitely pays and nowadays it seems even whites are starting to engage in more murder – no kidding! A young white murdered his father and mother and tortured his sister before killing her so he could inherit a farm. But he could not inherit it … yet… instead his grandmother got it and she believes in his innocence. She inherited all the properties and when she dies he may yet get them all!

I was told that in South Africa that the sentence for MURDER is between 15-25 years. “Life” in South African jails is 25 years. But ANY jail sentence you get, allows you to be set free half way through if you engage in “good behaviour”. This means that if you get the maximum jail sentence for murder (25 years) that you can be on the streets in 12.5 years. But if you get a jail sentence of 15 years for murder, you can be on the streets within 7.5 years!!! So there you have it: If you murder someone (or even if you are a serial killer), you can be out of jail between 7.5-12.5 years!!

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