South Africa’s 2nd Corona virus death. What it actually proves…

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Here are the details of the 2nd person in the whole country who died. He was 74 AND he had a melanoma (skin cancer) problem which was already a serious complication. It is just more proof that the old and the sickly/frail are the main ones who die from this. I’m guessing, that because it is skin cancer, that the victim might be white. Its a guess. However, the location, KZN, has an extremely high percentage of blacks, so I cannot rule out the possibility that the victim was black. I’m trying to figure out the race of the victims. Given that he went to Kruger National Park, that is more like something that a white person would do. Its a favourite place for whites to go. So maybe he really is white. These are my best guesses.

Here’s what they say:

The 74-year-old male had been in ICU and ventilation in a private hospital in Ladysmith.

The man travelled to the Kruger National Park with his family and came back with flu-like symptoms. He was confirmed to be Covid-19 positive on March 27, 2020.

It has been reported to that the deceased had an underlying skin cancer condition (melanoma), which had already complicated.

He presented with symptoms of respiratory distress, shortness of breath, cardiac failure, decreased saturation and his temperature was above 38 degrees.

The deceased’s family, 14 health workers, including 3 specialist doctors, who were in contact with him are now in quarantine and being monitored.

“We express our condolences to the family and we thank the doctors and health workers who looked after the deceased patient until his time of passing,” Mkhize said.


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