S.Africa: The UNTHINKABLE is becoming more Thinkable as WHITES WAKE UP! Hitler & the Satanic Paedophiles!

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I have said that an American Christian lady I have known for a long time in the USA was telling me how a Christian lady and her daughter, who had always thought she was a "conspiracy theorist" have changed massively and they visited her telling her seriously about many things … COVID, Masks, the stolen election and many other things!!!

Well here in South Africa a Boer sent me something amazing. We have a big farming magazine that is the most widely read in the country. It is Afrikaans. Recently that magazine published an article discussing Hitler in a positive light. In that article however, it mentioned that "Satanic Pedophiles" are ruling the world. The article is long so I haven’t had a chance to read it properly.

But it was pretty amazing stuff to see Hitler being mentioned in a positive light among Conservative Farmers! The circulation of the magazine is really big for South Africa.

So this is pretty amazing.


I was also chatting to another European White who had settled in South Africa who has a very scientific outlook.

She never took an interest in politics and conspiracies, though she admitted some of what I said could be true. I asked her how things are going. She was telling me that COVID is weird … it makes no sense and the SCIENCE makes no sense. She told me that it is bad for our immune systems to NOT be exposed to viruses because our immune systems must constantly fight infections. She HATES wearing masks. She was saying that COVID is PLANNED.

She’s talking like a conspiracy theorist… and yet her background is scientific.

I am however amazed by the publication that mentioned HITLER in a positive light and that the world is ruled by "Satanic pedophiles". I’ll look more closely at it.

But it’s a great sign.

WHITES ARE RED PILLING and dumping their allegiance to the Junk Jewish system.

It’s fantastic.

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