SA: White Communist & Race Traitor: Carl Niehaus hits back at Mbalula over looting instigator allegations

[This scumbag is fascinating. He is at the heart of the Zuma War. I'm interested in observing his stuff. Jan]

Suspended MKMVA spokesperson Carl Niehaus has demanded an apology from Transport Minister Fikile Mbalula or face legal action.

Mbalula accused Niehaus of being one of the instigators of last week’s violent looting in KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng.

In a video, Niehaus made it very clear that he will be taking action against Mbalula.

“You and those in government who want to try and peddle these unfounded lies must understand that you are not going to intimidate me and many others.

We will continue to use our right to use our freedom of speech to call for the release of (former) president Jacob Zuma and we will continue to exercise our civil rights.

“You know very well that I have never called for violence, that I’ve always acted within the confines of the law and made calls to that effect. At Nkandla, at Escourt prison where (former) president Jacob Zuma is being kept as a political prisoner and on any other platform throughout the country.”

Niehaus has approached his attorney to take the matter further.

“My attorney, Eric Mabuza, is now preparing an urgent letter that will today go to Minister Mbalula. That letter will demand that he must apologise without any holding back for these wild allegations that he made and that he must retract all of them unconditionally.

I will furthermore proceed to approach our courts on a more urgently application if he fails to do so and I will sue the pants off him, “I already have a lawsuit against Mbalula for R8 million for defamation. I will add another.

“Minister, you are looking for me. You are going to get me good.”


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