Reader asks: How should we convert White Christians? – My Answer: Jews carried out the most Treason

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This is from a question by a reader, and my answer:

Hi Jan,
Been fascinated by your interviews and storytelling. The wicked ones have hidden our history, our blood from our own eyes. Thank you for your tireless and courageous work! I’m an American and trying to protect my people from the cliff we’ve been stumbling over for the past several decades. Learning from your stories makes my mission all the more meaningful and real. I’ve been trying to have these convos with Christians (I grew up Catholic), but as you’ve alluded to, the Christians are Natural Law denialists in many ways. . . I think they are some of the more honest/culture building people around, but they seem to forget the balance of sovereignty and the need to maintain our animal nature. Maybe you’ve done an episode on this topic, but I’d love to hear more in depth discussions on the pros and cons of the Christian ideology and how to reach them. Christians do claim a Logos, which as you know refers to Natural Law, among other concepts . . . Is it silly to hope for their eyes to be opened?? Truth be with you,

Thanks for your email.

I am not knowledgeable about Christians and Logos. I did a quick search regarding Logos but can’t see a Christian definition. It clashes with the term "Logo" (for a business, etc), so I’m not sure what is the proper way to find the Christian definition of it. What exactly does that mean? I have heard this term before but not studied it.

Christianity is a mish mash of many things, including Paganism, merged together to try to bring peace to the Roman Empire which was being torn apart.

I have not done specific videos on these topics that I can remember. As a rule, Christianity strikes me as not being natural. Christianity, to me, seems to fly in the face of nature, by claiming things or wanting this that run contrary to nature. For me, a critical quote from Hitler in his table talk is this one: "Taken to its logical extreme, Christianity would mean the systematic cultivation of the human failure".

Take for example the glorification of the weak or saving of the failures. We see this as an immense kindness, and here in Africa, by saving the blacks, we’ve created a new enemy for ourselves that has overwhelmed us. Of course we must not take granny and throw her out on the street callously because she is old. We should care for her. I looked after my mother until she died. But, we must be careful how far we take things and whether values that we apply TO OURSELVES AND OUR PEOPLE should be accorded to other races. Should we really treat others the way we treat each other? I think not. And I don’t think we have an obligation to anyone else. From a natural point of view we must look after our own people and assure our own survival and advancement. Ben Klassen said the highest moral value was to do that which is good for our race. I agree.

With Christian type of morality, we instead glorify the weak and the pathetic and the failures.

I personally think that Christianity is a "female" religion in terms of its concepts. I also think white women are extremely susceptible to this religion and they NEED IT. It might be that this religion is a replacement for the male presence.

You are right that Christians try hard to be good. Not all are good, but most try hard to be. And if we move away from it, some people could be evil. However, the Romans and other non-Christians did not have problems with lawlessness. Their societies ran well.

I do think though, that as a race we need to move forward into Nature and reality and there are many aspects of Christianity that do not help us. e.g. The fear of demons and other supernatural nonsense stuff. This is Middle Ages stuff and has no place here.

The new white man will be harder, more determined and of course, much more dangerous to his enemies.

I would have to do more thinking about what you ask.

I do think though, that reality demands that we focus on the real world instead, especially on this afterlife. I think that by seeking the afterlife, whites throw away this life and also the future for the children. I think if we focused more intensely on this life, we could turn things around for our race FAST and with massive success.

I would suggest to you that you NOT denigrate christians. Instead be sympathetic to people and just try to educate them without being condescending or nasty. There are reasons why people need religion. It is a topic I may do videos on one day, on why I think whites, especially our women NEED RELIGION, and also how do we move beyond it?

I do think that our "Christian standards" of morality need to more or less remain among ourselves. It is wrong to steal from each other or to murder or commit crimes. But in our pagan days, we also had high standards.

I think one of our biggest errors has been to treat Jews and non-whites the same as ourselves and to allow them to have the same standards that originally we set up for ourselves. I think this has backfired on us enormously. Our standards/benefits must remain for us and we must have a foreign policy to non-whites that is different. Of course, Jews, being the filthiest traitors and betrayers, need to get the nastiest treatment of all. The kindness and opportunity we bestowed on them was returned in the lowest and most filthy manner which, normally would require death as the punishment. We have always punished treason with death. Jews have committed more treason than anyone.

These are just some random thoughts.

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