Video & Audio: The Greatest White Wolf of the Internet Age: Viking Anders Breivik


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After watching this video, I think you will understand why the Jews are working overtime in the USA to disarm white males, and why the blacks in South Africa, along with Gun Free South Africa are trying to disarm the whites here.

I take a look at the greatest White Wolf Killer in the age of the Internet. I look at what he did and why he did it and how he achieved this. Thing single white male, with no military training, carried out a feat, of amazing precision that exceeds the achievements of entire groups of black terrorists in Africa who were armed with modern weapons and given Russian or Chinese training. Like all the white wolves, he had to procure everything himself. His achievements are so great, in terms of killing power, that I don’t think he will be exceeded.

I also discuss why we should not be in a hurry to engage in more Lone Wolf tactics, but why we must look towards developing Wolf Pack, and ULTIMATELY, Wolf Army tactics and strategies that allow us to push our racial agenda forward.

I discuss the brotherly competition in battle of the Romans, and this probably applied to ALL armies of white males in the past, and it will apply in the future too.

Breivik developed a 9 year plan to work towards his activities and his military planning took him 2 years. He built a car bomb that was equal to that of the ANC terrorists who did the Church Street bombing in Pretoria, which was 2 blocks away from where I lived at the time.

Of great interest too are Breivik’s motives, and his 1,500 page document: The Declaration of European Independence in 2083. What was he attacking?

In his case, he was a true Pan European, which I am too. I am a deep believer that all white Western Nations should unite in some way so that all of us work towards the interests of our race.

These Lone Wolves are the voice of the white male’s anger that’s coming…

Is Breivik insane? I discuss that. I also look at Breivik’s links to Free Masonry and what I draw from that.

This white male, aged 32, killed 77 people and injured 319, in a single day.

I also mention the 2nd greatest Lone Wolf, the Australian, Brenton Tarrant, who killed 50 and injured 50 and live streamed it on the Internet.

Brenton Tarrant 50, 50. – Filmed

Breivik is, to my knowledge, the first white, political, internet killer, and he may remain the greatest of all time.

I compare Breivik’s moves with things my much older brother told me in Rhodesia based on his observations of our fights with the blacks.

Breivik was against Political Correctness and Feminism. He saw Cultural Marxism, which was created by the Jewish Frankfurt School of Marxists (Communists). Their concepts, such as “Cultural Pessimism were designed to demoralise whites in the West prior to taking over the civilisation.

I discuss the targets Breivik chose for his killing spree, and why I agree with them.

I also discuss, my own views that the next problems to be solved, are the problems of White Wolf Packs, similar to the concepts that the Germans used in WW2, and White Wolf Armies, whose goal it is to achieve important strategic objectives that can help our race to move forward.

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