S.Africa: Johannesburg: 4 Black domestic workers murder White man – steal his car, spend his money…

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[This is very close to where I live! It's about 5Km or so from where I live. They killed their White boss over easter, and clearly were having a lot of fun afterwards. I'm surprised they were caught this quickly. Perhaps it was because they were driving around in his car and spending his money! So it made them easier to track! Whites here are still taking things too easily. Learn the lesson … your own domestic workers can kill you. It's happened to many Whites. And even if they don't kill you, they can give all your info to Black criminals who will come to kill you! Many Whites have died like this. Stop your dependency on Black workers! They seem to have buried him in his own garden!! Jan]

Four people, including a gardener and domestic worker, have been arrested for the murder of an elderly man, reported missing over the Easter weekend in Cresta, Johannesburg.

The 78-year-old’s body was allegedly buried in a shallow grave in his garden, police spokesperson Lt-Col Mavela Masondo said on Wednesday.

A tenant had reported his landlord missing on April 16, after not seeing him for a few days.

Police discovered the victim’s car, a white VW Polo, was moving around Johannesburg and that the victim’s bank cards were being used.

A male gardener and female domestic worker, both employed by the victim, and two other male suspects have been arrested.

The four suspects, who are reported to be Malawian citizens, were charged with kidnapping, murder and defeating the ends of justice.

They are expected to make a first appearance at the Randburg magistrate’s court on Thursday.


Source: https://www.timeslive.co.za/news/south-africa/2022-04-28-cresta-mans-domestic-staff-arrested-for-murder-stealing-from-his-bank-accounts/

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