Only in stupid South Africa: COVID-19 SAVES MORE LIVES THAN IT KILLED!!!!

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Yes, Covid-19 was GOOD for South Africa, even excellent in fact. It saved more lives. Most definitely Whites scored big time since I’m sure that more non-whites dropped dead from COVID-19.

A total of 58 died so far, and we don’t know how many were white but since we’re 9% of the population that would mean about 5 whites should have died from it. But I doubt that many whites did die.

Instead lockdown of the black townships caused the greatest drop in South African crime under black rule. And the statistics have been published. Murders dropped from 326 to 94 in this time period. So 232 people’s lives were SAVED BY LOCKDOWN. Since whites are a firm part of those murdered, it follows that Covid must have saved the lives of more whites than were lost. Again, if we apply the 9% rule, that would show this to be true on the 232 above. Covid must have saved the lives of at least 23 whites, and perhaps even more.

The real fear now, from this lockdown is when it is released. The blacks will go crazy with more crime than ever before. So lockdown is great … STOPPING LOCKDOWN NOW MIGHT BE INSANITY!

The blacks are running out of food. They’ve been looting on a big scale. They are hungry. Many lost their jobs. So the real problems will begin when lockdown is lifted.

But let it be said that during lockdown … COVID saved more lives than were lost by COVID!

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