S.African Breweries may be forced to destroy 400 million bottles of beer! – My Comments


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[The Govt stopped the sale of liquor during the lockdown, for reasons I do not understand, nor do I care. SAB is the corporation that controls most SA Beer drinking. This must be the first time they've ever made a loss! The silliness of it all. The blacks even broke into a liquor store in a suburb next to mine to get beer. I see they've been hijacking trucks! I'll bet there is a black market on the go and people are pocketing big monies! We'll hear about the corruption and stealing later I'm sure.  South Africans are also desperately trying to brew their own liquor. Hopefully, some of the blacks will kill themselves in the process. You never know what inventions come out of it from the whites though. I only drink a bit of red wine because it has health and age benefits. It contains a chemical that helps for aging. Other than that I don't drink any liquor ever. I've been a tee totaller most of my life.  Jan]
  • SAB is stuck with 130 million litres of beer that it can’t bottle.
  • Its breweries are already at the legal limit of the amount of alcohol they are allowed to keep on premises.
  • It wants government to grant it permission to move bottled beer to its depots – otherwise it may have to destroy the product.
  • For more articles, go to www.BusinessInsider.co.za.

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