Vanessa Carlisle’s letter to Jared Taylor of Amren regarding Simon Roche of the Suidlanders


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[Here is the letter that Vanessa Carlisle wrote recently to Jared Taylor of American Renaissance, asking him to stop supporting Simon Roche and the Suidlanders due to the strong possibility that they are DEFRAUDING white Americans while doing nothing for white South Africans as they claim. Take special note of her reference to Dan Roodt and how he struggled to get into the USA whereas Simon Roche has no problems! What advantage does Simon Roche have that we’re not aware of?

When you look at the information I’ll be publishing of Americans who investigated the Suidlanders, you’ll see some interesting connections which may explain a lot about Simon Roche! Jan]

Dear Mr. Taylor,

My name is Vanessa Carlisle and I am writing you because of grave concerns that I have about one of your featured speakers, Simon Roche of the Suidlanders. Last May, I traveled throughout Texas with Simon as he gave speeches and raised money for his organization. Things did not seem on the up and up then, and as more information has become available, the likelihood that Americans were defrauded out of their money seems greater.

On its face, the Suidlander organization claims that it is raising money for all of South Africa’s four million white people. But in reality, it does not even help its own membership, as seen in a recent attack in Coligny, where a dues paying member had his farm burned and no moneys were disbursed nor aid rendered. Furthermore, common sense initiatives that would allow at least some whites to remain in the land they have called home for hundreds of years, such as the Good Hope project, are rejected by Simon and the Suidlanders. If you’re not familiar, this involves the secession of the provinces of Northern and Western Cape, where the Zulu blacks are not in the majority, from the rest of South Africa. It would be a safe haven from the racially fueled rapaciousness of the communist government of the ANC.

Why would Mr. Roche reject such a move? Because if whites were safe, he could no longer instill panic in his American audiences in order to raise funds. That is not to say that the people in my ancestral home are safe, by any means. But Simon is like a doomsday preacher, assigning a date for the end of the world, and changing it as he goes as previous predictions come up empty. Like those preachers, he rakes in money hand over fist from people who fear the imminent end of days.

This brings me to the final point I’d like to raise in this letter. Mel Ve of Conscious Consumer Network recently asked Simon to provided a detailed accounting of the money he has raised and how he has spent it. A pretty standard request for a charitable organization to abide by. Simon patently refused. This raises questions about him and how he has dispersed those funds. Indeed, it could very well be that he still is an operative of the ANC, given the freedom with which he travels to the United States. Another South African guest at AmRen’s conventions, Dan Roodt, was forced to wait years between his second visa. Simon has traveled in consecutive years. By all indications, he has also purchased a farm recently – something most whites are not legally permitted to do. One wonders what he is required to give to the ANC in exchange for these considerations.

Both you and the guests at the American Renaissance convention care deeply about the fate of white people here and abroad. I worry that if this charlatan is permitted a platform to broadcast his message to such individuals, he will use it to defraud them as he has defrauded countless others. I implore you to revoke his invitation. He is a danger to white people in South Africa and should we succeed in fully exposing him, would be a black mark on AmRen’s sterling record. Thank you for your consideration in this matter.


Vanessa Carlisle

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