S.Africa: GOD ORDERED IT! Exterminate the Blacks: Harry Knoesen and the Crusaders Rebellion: Racist videos aired during today’s proceedings of treason trial


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[Finally some news from this trial. I've been waiting for this for a long time. A lot of what happened, also happened on the phones, and clearly the videos and audios are now in court. It seems to me Knoesen is being represented by a Black attorney. The state prosecutors seem to be Whites. Harry openly said the Blacks should be exterminated. Here you'll see some racist Christian beliefs. It's a bit of a mess with all this Christianity and visions and instructions directly from God. What is important is that these Whites were seriously tired of Blacks. Among his supporters were professional people. The orange, white and blue flag he was talking about is the Apartheid flag. Jan]

The terrorism and high treason trial of National Christian Resistance Movement and Crusaders chief, Harry Knoesen, continued in the High Court with the broadcast of 10 videos uploaded to social media platforms, calling on support for the Crusaders’ plans to unseat a democratically elected South African government.

April 21, 2022

Wednesdays trial proceedings kicked off with the submission of exhibits, including the videos and sound clips, which were broadcast and translated to Knoesen’s advocate, Mr Musa Mavasa, by the two state prosecutors Ansie Venter and Derik Rowles.

When court adjourned at 13:00 due to loadshedding, Knoesen himself said to www.mobserver.co.za “Tjo, that was bad!”.

In the first video he faced the camera boldly proclaiming “I fear nothing and no one,” urging far right movements to join the Crusaders because the movement was anointed by God and was established through divine visions.

Things, however, went downhill pretty drastically from the second video onward, in which he explains why he refers to black people as “dark greens who should be exterminated”.

According to Knoesen, God created the white man in His image with intelligence, “but a copycat entity came to Africa with the intent on engineering the opposite, he found ears, but couldn’t find a head, so he took a ball of s***, slapped on the ears and fitted the s***ball with a locust brain”.

In another clip he said no one can break a ball-bearing but a “dark green as they were engineered to break down, rape, murder and torture, not to build.”

According to Knoesen, the only way to “sort out the dark greens, is to wipe them out”.

He lambasted “weak ass whites, including farmer unions and other far right movements, as “ass-kissers and slapgat for waiting, waiting, waiting for deliverance which will never come”.

In a later video he said “the white man owes the Koi San no respect because if God thought them worthy, alongside the Zulus and Xhosas, God would not have sent colonialists”.

In the videos, he claims “the new South Africa made me the racist that I am”.

He called on followers to break the law and mow down as many Africans as possible because they were only consumed by numbers, he projected would soar from 50 million to 150 million in eight years, raping, murdering and torturing minorities.

In another video, soliciting chuckles from the gallery, Knoesen likened the ANC to a harelip lion with aids.

Though the lion should not be feared by the superior white race, Knoesen said nothing prohibited whites from irritating the sickly lion by raising the orange, white and blue flag, instead of the vierkleur, at far right gatherings at the union buildings.

“You have to crush the harelip Aids lion by trampling his testicles by raising only the orange, white and blue”.

He further referred to Africans as “monkey children”.

The judge remained stone faced throughout the broadcasts.

The trial will continue with the last two video clips, followed by WhatsApp and Telegram audio clips tomorrow.

Source: https://mobserver.co.za/158683/harry-knoesen-racist-videos-aired-during-todays-proceedings-of-treason-trial/

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