Pic: IMPORTANT Apartheid Announcement from President PW Botha, The Citizen 5th February, 1986

[Here is a full page advert/announcement in The Citizen Newspaper in 1986, made by the State President PW Botha. PW Botha tried to engage in reform to try to make the Blacks happy. He made many changes to Apartheid in the 1980s, before he was ousted by the weakling and traitor FW De Klerk. In the end what was really wanted was the SURRENDER of South Africa to ANC Communists. That’s really what America, Russia and the rest of the West wanted. But the Whites were only willing to make reasonable changes without just throwing the country to the wolves. The weakling De Klerk just threw South Africa on to the garbage heap, and even the entire National Party collapsed after he took over, the weak asshole. Jan]

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