Freaky Scare story doing the rounds among White South Africans

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The Whites in South Africa chat to each other on a massive scale using phones. It originally started as a platform to fight crime. Phones turned into the best crime fighting technology we ever had. Phones saved our lives, seriously. But phones are now also a place where information as well as total garbage and perhaps even enemy lies are spread. Here is an example of some recent scary garbage I received. I looked carefully at this message and this is definite rubbish. The only question, however, is WHERE DID THIS ORIGINATE? Who is really behind this? On this particular story, I have no idea. But read this scary nonsense, and I assure you, this will spread like wildfire among many Whites here, and it will scare people. My interest lies in REAL THREATS. So I’m not interested in FEAR PORN. Take a look at this:-


We as the South African rainbow Nation – Black, coloured, Indian and white should be extremely careful as from Monday the 24th of January 2022. The government is secretly planning a major plot regards the current state of disaster crisis and extension, Covid 19 pandemic and the extensions thereof through a 5th wave, mandatory vacations through military force, economic collapse, Power supply collapse and food security collapse.

The Government was issued with a $ 750000 Billion loan. Intell and information received through a parliament whistleblower from within parliament itself, the government requested the funds from the World Bank to be used for militarily personal payments, military deployments, armoured vehicles deployment and diesel supplies, military equipment and food supplies.

A state of disaster will be extended whereas Marshall law will follow to force all citizens to accept mandatory vacations.

In order to protect the parliament whistleblower, no names will be available.

This is fact not fiction.

When last did Ramaphosa addressed the Nation.

No he and his entire cabinet is planning a major plot on the South African population.

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