Pic: How South Africans really feel about the Black Communist ANC government that rules us…

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VIDEO: BIG RUSSIAN LIES: How many Russians have died in the Ukraine war?
Putin and the Russian Government tell insane lies about how many Russian troops have died. In this comprehensive article and this short BBC video you will see the best estimates I can give based on all the data I have seen about how many Russian and Ukrainian Troops have actually been KILLED up to 16th June 2023.

[This screen shot below is a message that I’ve been seeing doing the rounds in South Africa for years. So it’s a big old, but I see it’s still doing the rounds all these years later. The numbers below refer to parliament. This gives you an idea of how disgusted Whites are. Jan]

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2005: Blacks: S.Africa: Ritual Circumcision Likely Contributing to HIV Spread
Some Black tribes engage in ritual circumcision. (Sometimes the Black boys even die!!). It turns out that another side effect was spreading AIDS!

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