Incredible Wealth: Zimbabwe: Communist Robert Mugabe is worth US$1 billion! Yes, R13+ billion!

There’s a fake news story going around that Robert Mugabe is dead. This is fake nonsense. He and his wife are in Zimbabwe and apparently they will be living a great life. They have no problems! You may wonder how it is that the President of one of the poorest countries in the WORLD has managed to be valued at more than $1 billion. The best article I could find on it is here:

The Mugabe’s will continue to live a lovely high life! You should see what the 2 Mugabe sons are up to – its insane – it disgusts me totally. But you can do some searches on the Internet about it. You’ll be astounded. You can read here about how the Mugabe’s high life will continue:

If you want to see a short list of some of the known assets he has, some of which will shock you, then look at this:

Now here in South Africa its no different. Many black communists like Ramaphosa and Zuma are rolling in the money. They are stinking rich. But I think Mugabe may have beaten them all.

You must ask yourself how it is that the rich of the world have no problem with this communist piece of shit, Mugabe. Do the Jews and white Liberal elite like him? I think so.

A well connected friend of mine told me that when Mugabe became the President of Zimbabwe in 1980, that he got $2 billion from New York to help him get Zimbabwe moving along the communist path that he set it on. I’m telling you, the rich filth, the elite scum are very happy to deal with communist garbage like Mugabe.

I remain very suspicious about how he’s lost power. I think the rich have been running with secret deals and now everything is working out rosy for him. As usual, there is NO JUSTICE IN THIS WORLD I TELL YOU! Jan

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