IMPORTANT: Website was down – I made many fixes…


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AfricanCrisis Archive - 110,000 Articles from 2001 to 2012
This is my archive of my oldest articles, writings and news from my original website which ran from 2001 to 2012. In total, I managed to recover 110,000 articles. You can read them, search them and view them at this link. Just click SEARCH on the top right.

The Websites did go down as I expected them to. I was working on them and made major changes.

The websites should be much faster now.

There was definitely someone trying to hack into them. There were things I could see.

I took all the actions I could.

I’m not totally finished yet though. I’ll continue later today.

But the main stuff is now over and done.

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2005: S.Africa: Black Children as young as 5 have sex at school
This was a news story from the mass media about young Black children having sex at school.

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