S.Africa: Why, then, are (White) Christians so divided over race relations?

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[This is a translation of an Afrikaans article. There is a separate topic about how the Afrikaans Churches are trying to shove Liberalism and Diversity down the throats of White Christians and it's rejected by most. However, we will deal with that separately. Jan]

There is a great deal of disagreement and confusion among White Christians these days, especially regarding race relations. To understand this confusion and uninformed status of them, we must especially consider these facts:

1) The core idea of the Old Testament is the relationship between the people of Israel and their (tribal) god Yahweh. The alleged elective status of this people and the concomitant condemnation of intermarriage with other nations are an integral part of this "race-centered" core idea.

2) Nowhere in the Bible is the separation between members of different peoples (segregation) condemned or considered "sinful". Even Paul’s "It does not matter if one is a Jew or a Greek, slave or free, male or female: in Christ Jesus you are all one." , refers to a spiritual unity and in no way implies that only multiracial one-man-one-vote democracies are morally acceptable.

3) Due to political pressure and financial needs in particular, many church leaders declared Apartheid "heretics" and the Belhar Confession was drafted as an additional confession. I discussed the increasing politicization of the Afrikaans churches in this article .

Instead of a complete geographical separation between nations being clearly proclaimed in the Bible, the use of slave labor by non-Israelites is not banned anywhere in the Bible and even genocide is condoned. It would therefore appear that (especially) Jewish / Israeli domination is rather recommended in the Old Testament. While “right-wing Christians” such as e.g. Anthony Jacob [the author of White Man, Think Again! ] still advocated white supremacy in 1965 , today there are almost no "right-wing" or "alt-right" people who support it – not even the National Socialist National Alliancenot in America! So should we insist that the Bible (or even the Christian outlook on life) should serve as a guideline for better race relations?

I posted these comments on both the PRAAG website and the Boerevryheid Forum , but have yet to see any proper counter-arguments.

4 Responses to Why are Christians so divided over race relations?

Annemi says:
April 7, 2018 at 9:48 am

I have never been able to get a clear Scripture reference / s from people who say that apartheid is a sin. The churches are head in one hat with the Kabbalah / World Order etc. and their purpose is to keep their limbs in the dark and to carry false information. The prophet Hosea says that the people perish due to lack of knowledge. They rejected the knowledge and therefore God rejected them. They rather believe the lean.
Paul said something else and that is that you should not be in the same yoke with the unbeliever. You can not serve 2 lords. The thing of 2 different religions and cultures in one country just does not work, but the left communists want to force it down our throats – with a specific purpose, of course.

Read a little about how things went with Israel when the Philistines had the upper hand. They were looted and killed and oppressed. What is actually different with us today? And when were they redeemed? If they cried out to the Lord. If their integration was stopped, there was peace. In other words, if they had apartheid, there was peace.

The enemies of our people are atheists, communists, ancestor worshipers and the corrupt government and those who have agreed and continue to agree, and the traitors in our midst. What agreement do we have with them? Why should I be forced to integrate and banned from segregating? Why should I, as a Christian, accept their policies? What reason do they have to think they are better than me / us? It’s totally unbiblical! The churches can scream their luciferic view from their pitched roofs (Masonic signs), I WILL NOT agree because it’s a lie !!

Jaco Steyn says:
April 7, 2018 at 1:43 pm

Annemi. Thanks for your comment. However, I would like to bring these three facts to your attention:

1) It is important to distinguish between, on the one hand, racism, white (or Jewish) domination, genocide and colonialism and on the other hand the nation-state idea according to which each population group has the right to govern itself in its own territory with government leaders consisting of only members of that particular population group. It is obvious to me that racism and genocide are propagated throughout the Old Testament.

2) Our enemies are not so much atheists and ancestor worshipers, but the great money powers that have a significant influence on the decisions of the governments of most countries in the world and especially the corrupt governments of African countries.

3) Much research has been done on the predominantly Jewish nature of the Anglo-Jewish money powers, which nowadays exercise control over the governments of countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Israel and the Ramaphosa regime. The racist nature of these money powers is based especially on writings such as the Old Testament and Talmud, which serve as ideological justification for their pursuit of an oppressive One-world order.


Annemi says:
April 7, 2018 at 3:27 pm

Hi Jaco,
Yes, our enemies are the money power and their religion is Satanism as is now clear from all the Qanon information released by Trump’s office. We’ve known this for a long time, but it’s official now.
You are of the opinion that genocide and racism are propagated by the OT and thus by God. Unfortunately, I can not agree with that. Israel was sent to Canaan with the order that all Canaanites be exterminated. It was not murder, but God’s judgment on them because of the idolatrous practices they practiced. This involved human sacrifice to Dagon and cannibalism. That’s where the word cannibal comes from – Canaan. Scripture is very clear on this. The Canaanites were also Nephelim and very angry.
The reason why they had to stay separate and not mix with the Gentiles (unless the Gentiles repented) was to prevent them from learning the idolatrous practices. It was such an abomination in God’s eyes that they had to be cursed. When Israel later found themselves guilty of idolatry, God had Jerusalem destroyed and sent them into exile.
From what you write I deduce you are not a Christian, but I still just wanted to correct the matter because I see you do not have the right facts.

Jaco Steyn says:
April 7, 2018 at 6:52 pm

Annemi. I’ve read a lot about various conspiracy theories, but I’ve never heard of the word “Qanon” before. What is this "Satanism" they are referring to? As far as I know there are two types of Satanism, viz. Atheist and Theistic Satanism. The Theistic Satanists are "devil worshipers" who believe in the existence of a Devil, while the vast majority of Satanists today support Atheism and do not believe in any God or Devil. Are you ever familiar with the works of Anton LaVey who was the founder of the Church of Satan in 1966 and who was a supporter of Atheist Satanism? I’m afraid we’re vastly different in our understanding of the word ‘murder’. According to your understanding of it, it is okay to commit murder as long as you do it on the instructions of the God of the Bible. Because I do not believe in the existence of the biblical God, the genocide committed by the Israelites is still murder in the true sense of the word. I have in this https://hierstaanek.com/2016/10/05/andre-bekker-eks-gay-se-ope-brief-and-die-moderamen debate pointed to the approval of both slavery and racism in the Bible and also explained that many Bible verses clearly forbade the racial mixing of Israelites with other peoples and that it was not so much just about religious differences.

Source: https://jacosteynblog.wordpress.com/2017/12/23/waarom-is-christene-dan-so-verdeeld-wat-betref-rasseverhoudinge/

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