4 Fotos: 4 Photos: IMPORTANT: Meme: WHITE UPRISING! Staan op Boere! Stand up Boers! Now is the time! – 100% Boere Meisie!! – 100% Boer Girl!!

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Video: European Colonialism: How many Blacks did Whites kill? The MASSIVE Black Population Explosion
In this video I focus on the claim that whites just slaughtered and killed millions of blacks in Africa and I compare it with the actual population statistics of Africa.

Here are some photos I found, but the main one I liked is the one on the bottom which comes from Alex Linder’s VNN Forum website. I really like it.

Let’s look at these pics. The one below says: Waar is die woede? Where is the ANGER? Yes, we whites are quiet indeed. Where is the ANGER at the black lawlessness, etc?

The next one below is a graphic from something called Delta. I’m not sure if it is a right wing group or a security company. I’ve heard of Delta as a security company. On the top right it reads: “Luister jou volk roep jou!!!” – “Listen your people are calling you!!!”

This photo below is of a cover of a magazine. I think this is in Holland? Or Belgium? It reads: “De Blanke Opstand” – “The White uprising!” But there’s a young white woman firing a pretty impressive looking rifle. She has a t-shirt with the old Apartheid flag on it and underneath it reads: “100% Boeremeisie” – “100% Boer girl”. Very cool! We do have white women who can shoot!

This is the photo I found on Alex Linder’s kickass VNN Forum – don’t miss it. I’ve met some really cool, woken up white-loving Boers there! Alex has been hard at work on whites everywhere and I’m very pleased to see BOERE on Alex Linder’s website!

The meme reads: Staan op Boere – Nou is die tyd! Stand up Boers – Now is the time! Stick around white people. We have work to do. As the leader of the AWB says, we’re not ready for war yet, but we have time to prepare! In the meantime, while we’re preparing, I declare 2018: The Year of the Wolves! Its time for serious whites to roll up their sleeves and we must get hard at work. We Boers must get ready. We have work to do for ourselves AND FOR OUR WHITE RACE!! Get some target practise in, in the meantime and prepare yourself AND do EVERYTHING YOU CAN TO SPREAD THE WORD! The mighty White race has WORK TO DO TO TURN THIS WORLD OF OURS AROUND!


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Video & Audio: TOP SECRET: WW2s Biggest Tank Battle they never talk about
This was one of my 3 viral videos on Youtube before they quickly killed it. The original video was made in 2016. Look in every history reference book for the biggest Tank Battle that was ever fought and youll find they talk about the Battle of Kursk (or the Kursk Campaign). Heres the greatest tank battle in all of history and the fantastic Wehrmacht won it with ease, even when they faced tanks so new and so advanced that they had never seen these types of tanks before and even when their shells just bounced off the Soviet armour!

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