How Many White People Are There In The World? … the answer may surprise you…

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[This guy did a study of how many whites are in the world, and I agree with most of what he says. I agree with the comments at the top of the article that you are looking at a MINIMUM of 600 million whites. A minimum … world wide. At best, we're looking at over 750 million. That puts us at 10% or less of the world population. 

I would say the numbers are good. Its even more than I worked on … my own thinking being around 600 million. Do NOT get black pilled over the fact that we're outnumbered. 90%+ of the blacks in Africa would have been DEAD if it was not for whites feeding them at the behest of Jews, liberals and commies. I regard the blacks of Africa as nothing. If forced to work in accordance with nature, most would die within a generation or two. Easily.
Asia is extremely overpopulated, but Asians don't pose that much of an actual threat outside their region. The greatest threat is really China. I think the spread of whites on so many continents shows what we can do. Here in Africa if we brought in even 5 million more whites, and made our population say 15-20% that of the blacks … we'd smoke them easily. As it is, we still stand big chances. 
In our race wars in Africa, we showed that we could easily kill blacks at a rate of 15:1 in battle and often, we even made 20:1 kill ratios and that was with simple weapons and also while NOT deliberately slaughtering them. I think our science, skills, technology, intelligence and discipline give us a huge edge. 
Most of the heavy and advanced weapons of the world are in the hands of white males … from America to Russia … If we stood as a RACE … we would be unstoppable. Ben Klassen said that and I agree. And I'm sure Hitler totally believed it too. I think there is a quote along those lines from him. 
It is ECONOMICS and POLITICS which is screwing it up for whites. If it was down to military struggles, colonisation, seizure and keeping of territory … we would conquer more than half of the earth with ease. I believe we must take at least half of Africa for our lebensraum. Its very doable. Europe conquered 90% of Africa in 20 years. It can be done again with great ease. 
WE ARE FAR FROM FINISHED! The battle has barely begun. Jan]

A certain Chris Woodberry took the time to estimate the number of the white population worldwide, result: 760 Million which represents 10% of the actual world population of 7,5 Billion. In my opinion, this estimate is very generous including many hispanic, Ural caucasians and mixed whites . Some other sources go with 8% (600 Million) which I find much more credible. But his work gives one an idea of the challenge to estimate the global white population and its likelyhood, due to its decreasing numbers, to be, region by region, bit by bit, mixed out of existence.

To read the comments go to the article
Updated May 27 2017

I have studied the demographics of the true White population, I want you to know that when I say White I don’t mean Caucasian, I’m also not following the United States racial demographics. It’s all incorrect. When I say White I don’t mean Latin Americans (Mestizos) I am not talking about Arabs, (90% of their population of 500 million are NON WHITE. When I say White people I am also excluding about 60% of the Mediterranean people in Europe. When I say White people I am talking about True Europeans, I am talking about people who get looked at and are viewed as a White person. The world Demographics from many countries do not know what they are talking about, and if they do they try to pollute their demographics. I studied this and learned about immigration that has occurred over many years, colonization, ethnic groups of every White country and continent.
Let’s get started.
Minority population in Europe.
Blacks 8 Million
Latin Americans (Mostly Mestizo) 5 Million
Gypsies 5 Million (500,000 to 1 Million look European enough to beexcluded as a Minority)
Italians that are Non White – 33 Million (There are 27 million Italians in Northern Italy and many Northern Italians are white and look more European than Southern Italians.).
Spaniards that aren’t white – 30 Million (It is the same with Spain as Northern Spaniards did not mix with the Moors as much as Southern Spaniards.).
French that aren’t white – 22 Million (This is only of the Ethnic French or “White French” population. All of the Blacks and Asians have already been excluded).
Southern Europeans who ARE white. (Southern Europe – Turkey (East Thrace), Slovenia, Serbia, San Marino, Portugal, Montenegro, Malta, Macedonia, Kosovo, Bulgaria, Greece, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Andorra and Albania.). – Real White population – 13 – 14 Million.
Romanians who aren’t white – 5 Million.
Arabs in Europe that haven’t been excluded with the Non White population of France, Spain, Italy and Southern Europe. – population – 2 – 3 Million.
Indians in Europe – 7 Million.
Turks in Europe – 5 Million
Mixed people in Europe (Does not include Arabs mixed with white, the majority of these people, especially the ones who has a mix of Syrian, Lebanese or Jordinian and White. The majority of these mixed people will look White. This also does not include the people of mixed races that are in Italy, Spain, France or Southern Europe because the Minority and Non White populations have been excluded.) – Mixed population of Europe – Around 3 Million.
Remember, I’m also counting the White population around Europe, in places like Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan where many Ethnic Russians and Ukrainians live. I’m also counting the Russians that are in Russia beyond the Ural Mountains which Europe does not include in it’s population. I’m also including the people in Turkey that look European enough to be white. White population in Turkey – Around 5 Million. (That is my guesstimate.). I’m also including the White people that are living in North Africa as well as the people who look European enough to be White. White population in North Africa – Around 2 Million.
When I studied this months ago, I came to a number that I really think is close to the true Number of the White population, the number that I got was a little bit over 490 million, over 490 million White people in and around Europe. Add my numbers up for yourself if you have any doubt. ?
Let’s see the White population of America. (This is where I live by the way, so trust me.)
This number was alot easier to get because of how the United States has listed the population of each race.
White Population of the United States – 233,000,000
Non Hispanic White Population of the United States – 197,000,000
The True White Population of the United States – 190,000,000
Non Hispanic White means to the United States Arabs and Turks, Every person from Italy Spain and Southern Europe, even though many people from these countries are Non White Mediterranean looking people, (Many Mediterranean people look Arab or very dark and not white at all.).
When I saw how the White population of The United States was false. I fixed it, I took out the number of non White minorities from the population of 197,000,000 as well as adding to it. It was really all over the place. Here is what I got from doing this, I will walk you through it.
Non Hispanic White population – 197,000,000
26 Million Hispanic people racially identified themselves as White out of the 50 Million total Hispanic population of the United States. I am pretty sure I heard things about how people from Hispanic countries identify themselves as White to get more privileges, I don’t know how true it is but I would think it happens sometimes, I also know that some of the Hispanic White population doesn’t look White at all, just like some Spaniards in Spain. My guesstimate for the number of actual White Hispanics is around 10,000,000, and 10,000,000 added on to 197,000,000 is 107,000,000.
Italian American population – 17,000,000 I’d say about 7,000,000 of them are definitely non White while the other 10,000,00 are, especially since there has been race mixing with so many Europeans from so many countries in Europe for Hundreds of years.
That brings the White population down to 197,000,000 again.
Arab American population – 3,700,000
Turk American population – 500,000
Portuguese American population – 1,477,000 (I’d say 1,000,000 are White enough to be White because of the mixing with other Europeans.).
Mixing of Europeans with other Europeans for so many years have created a real melting pot I guess you could say, I’ve heard people call it that I think, if I remember correctly. Many people who have Southern European ancestry will only have partial ancestry.
Greek American population – 3,000,000
I’d say about 2,000,000 are White enough to be White due to many having partial ancestry.
Southern European Americans (Mainly from Bulgaria, Serbia and Croatia.). population – 2,000,000 (I’d say about 1,500,000 look White enough to be White due to partial ancestry.).
Armenian, Azerbaijani, Georgian, Iranian and Iraqi American population – 4,000,000
That brings us to a population of 191,000,000
That number is more than I got the last time I studied this. I think it is because of the partial ancestry I didn’t think of the last time.
White population in Australia population – 19,000,000
Black population – 380,000
Asian population – 2,400,000
Arab population – 350,000
Turk population – 300,000
Greek population – 300,000
Italian population – 1,000,000
Real White population of Australia – 19,000,000
White population of Canada – 27,830,000
Italian Canadians – 1,500,000 (I’d say 1,000,000 are white due to partial ancestry.).
Asian Canadians – 4,700,000
Turk Canadians – 100,000
Arab Canadians – 380,000
Black Canadians – 950,000
Mixed Canadians – 600,000
Greek Canadians – 300,000 (I’d say that 200,000 – 250,000 are White due to partial ancestry.).
French Canadians are most likely all White since the Majority of White French are actually White and also due to partial ancestry.
Real White population of Canada – 27,830,000
Mexico White population – Estimates on Wikipedia say that the White population of Mexico is 11 – 24 Million We’ll go with 11 million because we know that it is no lower than that. Most of the White population is of Spanish ancestry. Many most likely have at least a little bit of Native blood in them. I’d say there is only about 3 million real White people in Mexico.
White population of South America – South America is a big place and not every country gives exact demographics that is if they give any at all. I will try my best to find demographics but there might be more than what I am saying.
German Argentines – More than 3.5 million
French Argentines – 6,000,000 (I’d say 4,000,000 are White)
Scandinavian Argentine 500,000
Swiss Argentines – 300,000
Polish Argentines – 500,000
Ukrainian Argentines – 400,000
Russian Argentines – 170,000
Irish Argentines – 600,000
English Argentines – 100,000
Scottish Argentines – 100,000
Welsh Argentines 100,000
Other European Argentines – 100,000 – 200,000
Most of the other Argentines are of Spanish Descent or of Italian Descent (25,000,000 people are of full or partial Italian Descent.).
At the very least there are 15,000,000 real White people in Argentina.
Many White Brazilians have a good bit of admixture. There is most likely no less than 10,000,000 real White people in Brazil.
There is no less than 5,000,000 White people in Venezuela.
There is no less than 100,000 White people in Bolivia.
There is no less than 1,000,000 White people in Peru.
There is no less than 1,000,000 White people in Chile.
There is no less than 1,000,000 White people in Columbia.
There are no less than 100,000 White people in Ecuador.
There are no less than 500,000 White people in Uruguay.
There are no less than 1,000,000 White people in Cuba.
There is no less than 500,000 White people in Puerto Rico.
There is no less than 1,000,000 White people in Central America.
The reason there are such low numbers in these countries are because of the amount of admixture that so many people have and the number of Mestizos in each country. I do not know if some of these countries have a White population more than 1,000,000 or 500,000 because of the lack of information and the obvious Minority-Majority population. Until these countries release demographics that are good then I won’t know how it is at these countries.
There are 5,625,000 White people in Africa (I’d say 5,000,000 are white since a good bit are Greeks and Italians.).
South Africa – 4,602,000
Angola – 220,000
Namibia – 154,000
Madagascar – 120,000
Kenya – 67,000
Botswana – 63,000
Mozambique – 82,000
Swaziland – 40,000
White population of other African countries added up total – 100,000
New Zealand and other Oceania countries added up with a total White population of 3,000,000
I have to say that South American countries like Ecuador and Peru which has strong Native mixture has no way of knowing the true White population if there even is any. Countries like Brazil and Argentina definitely have a large White population, with Brazil having a population of at least 10 million, the majority of Argentina being European. Mexico might be the same as countries like Ecuador and Peru. I’m following the demographics when I said 11 million but if the United States demographics is false I can’t really believe that Mexico is doing well. Cancelling out all of these countries because of the absence of a White population, the final numbers of the population in the world is between 750 Million – 780 Million. Lowest being 750 for if I was incorrect and there are less than I think and 780 for if my final numbers were wrong and there are more. My final number on this and this adds up all of the countries numbers. (White population in and closely around Europe, US, Canada, Australia, South Africa and few other African countries, Brazil and Argentina.) The final number is 760 Million.


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