A Dutch/South African Heroine most people don’t know about: Adriana Stuijt – CensorBugBear

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[Adriana Stuijt is a Dutch born lady who came to live in South Africa. She was a Medical Journalist. When she retired and returned to the Netherlands, she set up a website called CensorBugBear and she was the first person to draw attention to the Farm murders of Whites in South Africa. She and I often shared information on my early AfricanCrisis website. She died on 29 March 2020. Below are the tweets from Holland when she died. She and I last spoke on the telephone roundabout 2016. I've never seen a photo of her, and nobody seems to care, sadly. Jan]

Martin Bosma
Overleden: Adriana Stuijt.

Died: Adriana Stuijt.

Emigrated to South Africa as a child. Journalist. Last 20 years from Dokkum: one-person press agency on plaasmoorde, sticker camps and the anti-white race laws.
Tireless fighter for the Afrikaners.

Als kind geëmigreerd naar Zuid-Afrika. Journalist. Laatste 20 jaar vanuit Dokkum: één-persoons persbureau inzake plaasmoorde, plakkerskampen en de anti-blanke rassenwetten.
Onvermoeibare strijder voor de Afrikaners.

Baie hartseer. Rus sag, tannie.

29 Mar 2020
Replying to
Heb haar een keer mogen ontmoeten, wat een moedige en sterke vrouw. Rust zacht, we zullen u niet vergeten.

29 Mar 2020
She tried to help the Afrikaners. Poor lady. God help her family and friends. May she rest in God’s Eternal Glory.

Source: https://twitter.com/Martinbosma_pvv/status/1244178832644546560

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