Map: China is Superior to Race-Mixed Brazil but Inferior to White Brazil – My Analysis


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[Here’s a very interesting article that Paul Fromm in Canada sent me. Here is more proof, as if any is needed, that regardless of the continent, regardless of the climate or history, it is the race of the population that matters. This is playing itself out across the world. The real future of the world however, can be whiter and brighter, when whites in regions across the world form their own ethnostates! If the whites in southern Brazil were to do this, they could rule themselves. In fact there are large numbers of whites in South America. There are at least 120 million whites living in South America. If whites, in enclaves around the world were to form their own ethnostates, then we would have a valid survival mechanism by which to survive.

Don’t worry too much about the Chinese lying about how awesome they are. They overstate their situation MASSIVELY and they do lie a lot about their achievements in their stupid communist system. Their stupid communist system is ONLY WORKING because the Liberals and Jews are disembowling the western world and moving entire industries from Europe, USA, Canada and EU to China! Without that, the Chinese would be nothing. And if you are looking for the Asians with the best work ethic and achievements, then look no further than the FANTASTIC JAPANESE! The fantastic Japanese were kicking China’s ass many times in the last 100 years. Don’t fawn too much over the Chinese. I see the Japanese as the Asian racial allies of whites. They are the truly superior Asians.

As for the nonsense talked about Russia and its fall – as usual so much is left out. But let’s not forget that the heart of Russia is WHITE! Those whites conquered and controlled the greatest Asian empire on the planet in terms of land size. Those white Russians and Ukranians all really should be aligned with the whites of Europe. Europe should become the greatest white Ethnostate on the planet. Europe, the REAL SUPER POWER on this planet, is also not mentioned in this article.

You will find endless proofs in history that when whites stick together and work together in a cohesive group, that the results are ALWAYS superior to anything that anyone else is able to achieve. It does not matter if this is South Africa, Angola, Germany, Brazil, Mexico or Europe and Russia. This is a firm rule of science and history that most whites have NEVER BEEN TAUGHT! Jan]

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Under Black rule: About half of all South African children drop out of school before they reach Grade 12. The vast majority of these are Black kids.

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