3 Pics of What the hacker & blackmailer did on HistoryReviewed, AfricanCrisis & my other websites

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Since I’m busy working on some additional software and urgent improvements, I had to also delete some of the junk left over by the hacker and blackmailer. So I thought I’d show you some screen shots of what the SOB did inside my database.

In this screenshot below, he left a table (a file in non-technical terms) inside my database called: WARNING. It had one Row inside it (a line in non-technical terms). Below is the screen shot of the table.

So when you run a query on the table to see what is inside it, like this:

Then this is what you see:

Inside the table, is 1 record, and in it, is a column which reads: “To recover your lost databases and…” (I did not get a full screenshot of that now). But he included in there instructions to be paid by Bitcoin.

He then has a column specifying his website. You should be able to go to his website. You’ll see it is: http://dbrestore.to

I see that his website is now gone.

Then he gives a token.

When you go to that URL and you type in the token then he will tell you if “your backup” (of your database, which he stole), is there. If the token is valid, as mine was (and probably still is), then he will give you the Bitcoin address where you must pay him and how much to pay him!!!!

He even gives an email address where you can contact him.

I suspect this guy is an Indian because all the hacking that took place came from Calcutta in India. Afterwards, the locations changed, after I had announced on my websites that all the hacking and breakin attempts were coming from India.

I wanted to report this blackmailer to the FBI and to INTERPOL, the international Police organisation and others, but I just never got round to it. I had too many problems on my plate.

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