France was the BIGGEST friend of Rhodesia, Boers & Apartheid South Africa, Portugal – What of Israel & nukes?


[NB: I wrote this long article really quickly and I have not had time to spell check or read it, so forgive me for any errors. NB: I’ve chosen the French Alouette helicopter gunship as the photo for this article. These vehicles kept the whites of Rhodesia alive more than anything else I tell you! These fantastic little helicopters killed a lot of our enemies!!!! Jan]

I’m now going to reveal an interesting “bombshell” to all of you. In my research which I have been busy with, I stumbled on interesting information in addition to that which I was already looking for.

There are those who say that Israel was the biggest friend of Rhodesia and South Africa. There is some truth to it in a minor respect, but NOT in any major respect actually. Israel did help South Africa – but NOT in the ways in which is it is claimed. For example a common lie that is told is that Israel allowed South Africa to get nuclear weapons. This is pure garbage. Zilch!

In 1979 the USA claimed that their Vela satellite had detected a nuclear explosion in the sea south of South Africa. This is known as the Vela incident. For many years the claim has been made that South Africa and Israel exploded a nuclear bomb at sea there. You can read about the Vela incident on wikipedia:

In my research in the writings of our top military people, especially General Magnus Malan, I can tell you that the Vela incident is pure hogwash. Firstly, South Africa at that time did not have a nuclear bomb. South Africa’s first TEST NUCLEAR BOMB was finished in 1982. After that South Africa built another 5. They envisaged building 6 in total, but the weakling FW De Klerk threw away the nuclear program and all that whites in South Africa had worked, strived, struggled, bled and died for. He ceased the nuclear program in 1990.

General Magnus Malan explained the nuclear program. What actually happened was that South Africa had decided in 1974 to begin work on nuclear bombs for military use. Prior to that, in 1969 South Africa had already decided to do work on nukes for peaceful applications. White South African engineers were working on what would have been world firsts. They envisaged 3 uses for peaceful nuclear explosions, one of them being mining. Another being to create massive fuel storage underground. South Africa did later pump vast amounts of oil into mines so that we whites could be independent from the rest of the world who were against us. It was due to the Russians and Cubans pouring into Angola to save Angola loser black communists, that the whites in SA decided to authorise work on military nuclear bombs in 1974. In my view, the Soviets, Cubans, East Germans and other communists were pouring into Angola because South Africa was on the verge of smashing the black communists there – after the collapse of Portugal. The Portuguese collapse, known as the Carnation Revolution was itself the work of the KGB DEFINITELY … but I also have texts that indicate that the CIA was happy to assist the KGB in overthrowing the Portuguese.

America and Britain were NOT the friends of whites of southern Africa. This is another story.

South Africa did begin work on a test site for nukes. The test site was at a place called Vastrap. The South African nuclear test facilities were completed in 1977. America’s spy satellites had already spotted this development in 1977. The USA knew that South Africa was now in a position to test nuclear bombs underground on land. South Africa planned that if they needed to test one of their bombs that they would do it underground at Vastrap. You can do PARTIAL TESTS of nukes without actually exploding them. There are tests you can do where a nukes goes to “critical” for a fraction of a second. South Africa did those tests. South Africa had one special test bomb which they could use in the event that they wanted to go through with a full test. They however had enough confidence in their work that all their other tests showed that their nukes would work.

The Americans knew about Vastrap in 1977. But America said nothing. In 1979, the Americans then suddenly claimed their Vela satellite had seen an explosion in the sea and that’s when the nonsense story of South Africa and Israel began doing the rounds. Many other claims are that Israel gave South Africa the nuclear bombs and nuclear technology. This is all complete rubbish.

South Africa got nuclear technology from France. The French built our nuclear power station at Koeberg which functions to this day. For the record, the ANC scum who rule South Africa, launched an attack on Koeberg in 1982, which caused massive damage to it – R500 million. Koeberg began producing electricity in 1984. South Africa got its original nuclear science from the French, and South Africa already had advanced knowledge in this by 1969.

The Vela satellite is pure nonsense. Whatever it was, it had nothing to do with South Africa. South Africa had no capability, nor plans to explode a nuclear device at sea. It had everything ready at Vastrap.

It seems to me the Americans came up with the Vela satellite story in order to PRETEND that they only now found out about South Africa’s nuclear test plans. Once the Americans went public with the Vela satellite nonsense, they then put massive pressure on South Africa.

At that time, the USA and France were the only countries in the world supplying South Africa with nuclear fuel! The Americans then put pressure on the French, and then both America and France stopped selling nuclear fuel to South Africa.

This is the upshot of the stupid Vela satellite story. But as I say, American satellites had already noted and the Americans knew about Vastrap in 1977. Its just that the Americans “went public” as a direct result of the stupid Vela satellite story.

The French actually had islands in that region where the Vela satellite detected the “blast”. It could even have been a French test or even a natural event. But there was ZERO evidence or pointers that this had anything to do with South Africa.

The country which helped the whites of Southern Africa the MOST in those times was FRANCE. The French were the ones who helped with many, many things. The Boers and Rhodesians especially were on excellent terms with the French. In fact, the Rhodesians, French and South Africans agreed to overthrow the Govt of the Comoros islands. The idea to overthrow the Govt of the Comoros Islands came from French who had volunteered to fight in Rhodesia. One of the French, Bob Denard, got permission from the French Govt to overthrow the Govt of the Comoros Islands. The Rhodesian and South African Govts all agreed to it. Rhodesia then gave the full logistical support to the French and the Rhodesian/French move resulted in a coup d’etat on the Island.

The coup d’etat on the Comoros Islands was a huge boost to Rhodesia, South Africa and France. It allowed us all to trade together secretly and to bypass a lot of world sanctions. It was through this that Rhodesia later got a hold of some old American Vietnam type helicopters. Rhodesia was not allowed to buy anything worldwide, and not even France dared to sell us Puma helicopters which we badly wanted. Thus we operated with civilian Allouette helicopters.

South Africa’s many deals with France can be seen in the weapons they had:-
Mirage III jets, Panhard Armoured cars (modified and called “Elands”), Puma helicopters, etc.

France was the key country that helped South Africa with nuclear facilities.

In Rhodesia, which was under world sanctions, the only new cars we got in were French Peugots, Citroens and Renaults. Rhodesians were buying and driving French cars because that was the only new vehicles we could get.

The only place that Israel MIGHT feature is with our more advanced missile program. That is something I’m digging into. Our long range missile MIGHT be based on Israeli missiles. However, South Africa constructed many small missiles and rockets themselves long before.

It is FRANCE who was the most important country in the world that helped the whites of southern Africa and traded with us.

The Portuguese were the allies of the whites of Rhodesia and South Africa because, even though they were the poorest country in Europe, they had more balls and guts than the useless British to fight for their empire. The Portuguese and the Rhodesians and South Africans got along very well.

A lot of people in the white right like to attack the Portuguese, but that is actually wrong. The Portuguese are NEVER given credit for the many excellent things they did. In Angola, the Portuguese were fighting their way forward tenaciously and they were smashing the blacks. By 1974, the Rhodesians and the Portuguese had smashed the black terrorists, and South Africa had nothing to fear.

What screwed it up for the whites of southern Africa were the Russians and the KGB with the coup in Portugal (probably assisted by the CIA who were happy to see Portugal fall and fail). The Jew Kissinger was already busy screwing with the head of Vorster of South Africa with the stupid concept of “detente” which backfired on the South Africans and even more so on the Rhodesians. Detente was a big disaster for the Boers and Rhodesians, and it was American nonsense pushed on the whites here by the Jew scumbag Kissinger who would be back in 1976 with the death warrant of Rhodesia.

It is the French who were the only country who did the most to assist us in Africa. We traded with them as much as they could, without themselves being cornered by the UN, etc.

When I spoke to PW Botha, the former President of South Africa, when I visited him, he told me that the Spanish were also very friendly to the whites of South Africa.

The West Germans did play a small role in the construction of Koeberg – I think on the non-nuclear angle – I think. It was the French who were the most helpful, even selling us nuclear fuel. America also was selling us nuclear fuel, until the stupid 1979 Vela incident. When America saw that South Africa was preparing to test a nuclear device in the future they pulled the plug on South Africa. However, the South Africans, now deprived of nuclear fuel, faced the closure of their nuclear projects. But the intensely creative white South Africans learned how to enrich nuclear fuel themselves and by the early 1980s they were producing their own nuclear fuel and the stupid American boycott now meant nothing.

The whites of South Africa and Rhodesia proved, yet again, that like the Germans in the time of Hitler, that the more they were boycotted and denied things, that they could create what they needed. In this, the whites of southern Africa were very successful given that in total they were about 5 million people in total.

South Africa’s feats in nuclear and other terms are simply astounding.

My own view these days of economics is that a lot of “Western economics” is pure rubbish. A term we can’t stop hearing here in South Africa is that of “Foreign Investment”. We keep being told that we need “Foreign investment”. I think its simply the weak, pathetic, useless blacks who need to grovel for “Foreign Investment” because they’re too useless to run a proper economy. When the whites of southern Africa ran things, we rocked in the face of all kinds of sanctions. The UN put arms sanctions on South Africa in 1960. But by the late 1980’s South Africa was firing missiles into space. Space begins at 100Km, but South Africa’s rockets were reaching 200Km and maybe even 300Km. South Africa’s rockets were capable of landing a 300 Kg warhead on Washington and a 400 Kg warhead on Moscow.

Can you believe that South Africa actually built its nuclear warheads in Pretoria, the capital, underground! 300 people built the nuclear warheads! It was done in a building that looked like a normal building complex, complete with meeting rooms. Everything seemed “civilian” and normal.

America never was the friend of the whites of South Africa I can tell you. They only financed UNITA in Angola. President Botha told me that when the South African Govt asked the US Govt to PLEASE mine the Angolan harbours so that BILLIONS OF DOLLARS of Soviet Tanks and military hardware could stop pouring into Angola, the US Congress refused the request. In other words, the most critical survival demand of the whites of South Africa that the whole Warsaw Pact be stopped from pouring in masses of heavy weaponry, the USA refused the request. Admittedly, the normally completely useless CIA did arm UNITA, and white soldiers had to defend a black buffer state in south of Angola to stop the communists pouring into SWA (South West Africa), no known as Namibia.

America did nothing for the whites of South Africa. If anything America made life difficult for us. Their biggest screw-over was definitely the stopping of nuclear fuels to South Africa.

Notice in all this that the stupid little Jewish country of Israel doesn’t feature in all these major moves.

South Africa’s fantastic artillery for example, the G5 and G6 were built by a Canadian genius, a white man who was later probably murdered by the Mossad.

The fantastic South African “armoured car” (high speed tank killer actually), the Rooikat, is actually a German design. The Rooikat prototype was built by Germans using their excellent knowledge of armoured cars from WW2.

I stand firm in my view that Britain and America were never the friends of the whites of Africa. Britain was even more hostile to us – especially to South Africa. I’m currently looking into a strange British connection with regard to Rhodesia. There’s something that really bothers me.

As far as I’m concerned the EUROPEANS are the only whites that we whites in Africa could ever deal with in any way. The Europeans were the friendliest to us. South Africa for example operated Impala jets which come from Italy, and Rhodesia also bought and modified small aircraft that came from Italy.

My general impression is that: France, Spain, Italy and Portugal are the nations that were the friendliest to us in southern Africa. West Germany also featured a bit. This is why I think that we whites in Africa should look toward Europe in the future and align ourselves with Europe and have nothing to do with Britain and America. These are dangerous countries who will always side with our enemies. I can’t think of any way that America and definitely never Britain assisted us.

Britain is one of the most dangerous enemies of the whites of southern Africa. Yet, Britain has massive investments in South Africa.

I think, for the future safety of the Boers and other whites here, that Britain, especially should be driven out of this country. Britain is a dangerous anti-white country. The British have big interest here, and Britain has ALWAYS worked against the Boers, and later were happy to stab their own kith and kin in the back.

We whites in Africa should be happy that France is the European country that operates the most independently. The French ignore the stupid Anglo-American world whenever it suits them. The French above all are the Europeans we must be grateful to that we were able to survive.

Below is a newspaper article one of my South African supporters found. Its a clipping he kept. Unfortunately he did not make a note of the date. This is from the time of that BIG LOSER FW De Klerk. At that time, as this newspaper article shows, the French were quite happy to deal with South Africa.

But the really critical help France gave us was military. In Rhodesia, I can tell you, Allouette helicopters, kept us alive. Those civilian helicopters, turned to military use were CRITICAL TO OUR SURVIVAL. CRITICAL. Rhodesia only had 8. South Africa lent us 42, including even sending their pilots until they later withdrew their pilots and the 42 helicopters were crewed by white Rhodesians. Without those 50 helicopters (a few of which crashed or were shot down), we would never have survived. Those French Alouette helicopters were the single thing that allowed us whites to live and fight. It was the single most important weapon we in Rhodesia had. The generosity of South Africa in lending us so many helicopters was CRITICAL to our survival.

There are other things that make me wonder how much Germans, perhaps in their private capacity helped the Boers. For example, the SASOL oil-from-coal technology which was critical to surviving oil sanctions, if it ever came, is actually a German technology invented after WW1 and which was used extensively in the time of NAZI Germany. South Africa got that technology and it is used to this day. How did we get this German invented technology?

For the future survival of whites in south africa we should look to Europe above all else. Another country we were on good terms with was Japan. The Japanese were classified as white under Apartheid, and Japanese nuclear scientists came regularly to South Africa and South Africa and Japan exchanged nuclear projects with each other. I know this from a friend who was a technician at a nuclear facility where he met the Japanese.

So I would say that white South Africans should, for survival purposes turn to Europe and to Japan. Those are the only places where we might find friends one day.

Here is the article about the French in the time of the useless loser, FW De Klerk. Jan.

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