The New White Atheists: Whites who raised in Bible homes and became Preachers and dumped Christianity – including Boers


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Someone sent me a link to this video by an American who has done a bunch of videos about the Bible, Jesus, etc. I was watching the intro and it’s good. The man is a serious White man, and he talks about his background. How he was raised in a Christian family in America and how, as early as 12, he began to do Bible studies. He became a Minister, not an officially ordained one, but he did a lot of Minister work including going to prisons. Let me tell you a little secret. The Whites of South Africa, especially the Boers, are DEEP CHRISTIANS. I mean Christianity is everything to them, from the time they are young. Everything in their life revolves around Christianity. About 3 years ago I began running into Boers who were dumping Christianity and had become atheists. Part of it relates to the role the Church played in destroying the Whites. They felt the Church had betrayed them – and indeed it had. I had some very interesting discussions with multiple men, some younger guys, and some of my age, mature. I was very surprised to find that all of them had actually studied, properly, to become preachers. Some were young Afrikaans guys who were becoming preachers – not as a full time job, but to be able to give sermons, etc. I even met someone, whose best friend, whom I know, is a professional preacher. The best friend had dumped the Bible. The professional preacher runs an actual church and gives sermons. But when he is with his best friend he tells him he has serious doubts about the Bible. His best friend would sit with me, and he would grab a Bible and open it at various places and read from it and then go to other places and read the contradictions. These people know the Bible. They know it well. It’s like an old pair of shoes. And they were taught THIS IS THE WORD OF GOD. But as their minds go open, you should see them tear the Bible to pieces … because they are so familiar with it. I know a Boer who is part of an Atheist club and they meet for lectures and discussions. This type of behaviour was UNTHINKABLE, 30 years ago. But the churches … the White churches … are very empty. Not everyone became an atheist. No. Most people just dumped THE CHURCH as an institution. Most read the Bible and believe what they want to. But, there is a definite number of people I’ve met who have dumped it. But the most surprising thing is that these people put a lot of time and effort into studying theology and they WANTED TO BECOME MINISTERS. And in that process, they dumped Christianity as they awakened to other facts. I actually sent a note to the one Boer Atheist I know, the other day. I wished him a Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year and mocked him and said to him that he must not be allowed to take leave during Jesus’s Birthday! I was pulling his leg. Whites are changing. All the terrible disasters that have come to them, and all the pain … is changing them, and it is good. This is why, in the end, Whites will survive. Things that no longer have survival value for our race, will be dumped. The anti-White nature of Christianity, will come home to haunt the Church. Whites will dump the Churches in the end. The Churches will be for the Blacks where they can go and clap and sing. However, at this time, large numbers of Whites still believe the Bible … and they still believe it is the word of God. But many will be bitterly disappointed when they realize the truth. Others, especially White women, will need to cling to it. They need it – emotionally. Ultimately, our race needs to free itself and move forward towards a Whiter, brighter, better world. And I have no doubt, we will, in due course.

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