Christian Crusaders on the Run: The Pretty Boer Lady: Riana Heymans is still on the run….


[In the latest news report about the pretty Boer lady who is on the run, the latest news report does NOT SAY that a warrant has been issued for her arrest. It says she is “wanted for questioning”. Don't believe this. THEY ARE OUT TO ARREST HER AND PUT HER IN JAIL. So forget the nonsense that they just want to gently talk to her. She WILL GO TO JAIL. The poor woman. Lovely, racially loyal woman … It will be a sad day for the white males of South Africa when this woman is arrested. Truly. A f*cking sad day, and pox on all white men in the country. If we are so f*cking inept that nobody will protest a white woman, a racially loyal white woman in deep distress. SHE WILL BE GOING TO JAIL. She calls us her brothers and sisters.  Jan]

Another Crusader on the run

Riana Heymans / Image supplied by Hawks

While Hawks believe that they have the mastermind behind bars and awaiting trial, spokesperson, Brigadier Hangwani Mulaudzi, said that the search for another high-ranking member of the Crusaders is still ongoing. Mulaudzi explained:

“The team has also secured a warrant for the arrest of Riana Heymans as per attached picture. Any member of the public found to be harbouring her is in contravention of Section 12 of the POCDATARA Act. She is wanted for questioning on the activities of the NCRM.”


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