From Jan: My Physio ordered me to get off Computers….


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2008: S.Africa: Oprah Winfrey, Racist diva of double standards
Ms Winfrey openly and shamelessly admitted that her new school was not only racist, but also sexist. She opened an elite school only for Black Girls in SA.

Just a quick note. With my concussion and fall. Yesterday when I went to the physio she told me to cut my time in front of computer screens to the bone and to then increase it gradually daily. So the next 10 days I’ll have to take it easy.

It apparently puts a lot of strain on the brain if you’re recovering from concussion.

But I have some ideas… keep watching daily… you’re in for a new surprise!

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2005: S.Africa: Black Children as young as 5 have sex at school
This was a news story from the mass media about young Black children having sex at school.

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