Audio: Volkstaat/Ethnostate: Creating a Whites Only state in Scandanavia – Nordic Resistance

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On November 27th, 2019; I had the honour of chatting to Andreas Johansson of Nordic Resistance. We had a really fascinating discussion. Nordic Resistance is a National Socialist movement (aka NAZI for the ignorant), which was started in Sweden. Its goal is to save the last pure whites of northern Europe.

Their goal is to unite Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway & Iceland into a single ethnostate which will have a population of about 25-30 million whites, which would put it on a par with Canada. Such a state would pack some serious power.

I asked Andreas how it was that he became a National Socialist, and how it was that he got into politics. We had a really fascinating discussion.

Just take note: The Jews HATE this movement. I saw the World Jewish Congress even trying to have Nordic Resistance BANNED in Sweden!

But Nordic Resistance totally rocks … they’re probably the best NS organisation on the planet. So 14/88 brothers!

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