Jan’s 2002 book predicted the Future of SA with Shocking Accuracy: Government by Deception

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[Government by Deception – the book I wrote about South Africa in 2002 was shockingly accurate in it's predictions about the future. I've had various Whites in South Africa tell me this. This is the latest. I got a note from someone here in South Africa who bought my book back in 2002 when I first printed it. Now, more than 20 years later, this person says that nobody understands what the Government is doing, yet my book predicted it all. Jan]

This is the message I received:
is the above referenced book available in electronic copy? if not then are there hard copies available. I bought this book a loonnnggg time ago (back in 2002) – regrettably never read it until now ….. — and it’s shockingly accurate in its perspective and assessment and regrettably predictions …. It actually explains the actions of the ANC that we are all sitting around wondering wtf and how and why — when marxism is the clear answer …… would like to share this with others — trying to wake up …

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