WARNING: Could my Websites be shut down? White-shop – 1st Jewish moves

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Just a note, that someone brought to my attention. There is something that has changed. I do not want to mention exactly what it is. But there is a possibility that without warning that my websites could be shut down.

So just be aware that a new threat has popped up on the scene.

I need to give some feedback on my experimental shop. I got 3 orders, only one of which we’ve managed to process through … but … my 3rd order, which was a poster from WW2 to be printed … was stopped. So I’m busy looking at the options there.

The 2nd order is still a bit in limbo.

But the 3rd order was blocked. It was blocked in Europe.

However, the new threat, the one that concerns me, is that all my sites could be taken down in a single shot without warning. So if that happens, then you know … (((THEY))) were at work.

Please make backups and copies of anything you find useful, especially videos and audios.


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