A Bizarre story about The Boeremag & Jacob Zuma

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Date & Time Posted: 11/19/2006

A Bizarre story about The Boeremag & Jacob Zuma

I heard a story some weeks ago from someone of note whom I trust. The story is so bizarre that I could not believe it. But I’m going to repeat this story as best I can remember it.

You will recall some months ago, some Boeremag members escaped from court and disappeared. I expected them to be caught soon. I’ve not heard that they’ve been caught yet – have you?

Well, someone wanted to tell me about a contact she had directly with one of the parents of the escapees. According to her, she was told that at some point, someone from the Boeremag, made contact with Jacob Zuma and asked for his help.

The bottom line is, she said that Jacob Zuma, because of his Zulu background, somehow played some role in the escape of the Boeremag! You may recall that many people have spoken about the possible Afrikaner/Zulu link. Well she claims that she was told that somehow Jacob Zuma, as a Zulu helped in some way.

To be honest, I find the whole story unbelievable – simply unbelievable. But the person who told it to me is someone of note who has never had any reason to lie to me and she spoke personally with someone in the Boeremag. As best I recall, she said it was the parents of one of the escapees.

It’s a very bizarre story, and under normal circumstances I would dismiss it, but the fact is, these escaped Boeremag guys have, to my knowledge, never been caught. Its very weird, and it leaves me puzzled. Could they have been assisted by the Zulus? Well, as I recall there was nothing about the escape which indicated that. But I’m merely repeating the story for what its worth in case anyone has any further thoughts or knowledge about the matter. I find it extremely hard to swallow. Jan.

Source: http://archive.africancrisis.info/?p=109648

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