SA: Internet & Phone Censorship Laws: 4 Laws just signed by President Ramaphosa


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[The Internet Censorship Law is not the name of it. The Internet Censorship is hidden inside other laws, but whites have seen this coming. Whites have seen it coming for long and they have not been fooled by it. They openly called it the Internet Censorship Law. But its actually much wider. It covers even messages sent by phone. This is intended to shut white people up. Its all hidden inside this stuff. Jan]

Here are the four bills President Cyril Ramaphosa just signed into law

President Cyril Ramaphosa has signed a number of bills into law, the most controversial of which is the Film and Publications Amendment Bill.

This piece of legislation, often referred to as the ‘internet censorship bill’, has been criticised for being poorly drafted.

It provides the Film and Publications Board with the right to regulate online content, explains EWN reporter Gaye Davis.

This bill affects the commercial online producers of content.

Dominic Cull, who is a regulatory expert with specialised legal advice firm Ellipsis, says the bill was not properly thought through.

Here are all four bills that the president has signed into law:

  • the Overvaal Resorts Limited Repeal Bill
  • the Property Practitioners Bill
  • the Electronic Deeds Registration Systems Bill
  • the Film and Publications Amendment Bill


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