S.Africa: It is time for Whites to pay reparations to Blacks – We whites have a huge debt to pay, but how? – My Comments

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Video: Why White Men have been losing Wars since WW2
For a very long time Ive pondered why White men have lost so many of these racial conflicts since WW2. In this video we look at quite a number of things that affect war. We take a specially close look at the Vietnam War and the Rhodesian War. The Vietnam war is unquestionably the greatest disaster that White men have experienced in a RACIAL WAR.

[What a load of crap. Truly. This is where Liberalism takes you. Liberalism … love of money … love of trading … spending too much time listening to Jews and Communists. This was written by a White woman. So pathetic. Such garbage. This was written by a high ranking woman at the newspaper RAPPORT – which is Afrikaans. Jan]

I can’t post the article here. But there is a link. You can read this claptrap at the link:


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INCREDIBLE: Time Magazine admits & boasts about How the US Presidential Election was STOLEN!!!
This is the incredible story they published shortly after the election which names and gives details of the Jew who actually stole the US Presidential Election of 2020. The Jew Michael Avram Podhorzer is the real scumbag who specialises in stealing elections. He was the only one with the money and trade union backing to pull this off.

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