SA: Crazy Black Communist Politics: Urgent call for immediate citizen’s arrest of Cyril Ramaphosa – Carl Nie haus

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[Carl Niehaus is a RADICAL White Communist who is in Black politics. Now he's calling for the arrest of the Black Jew Ramaphosa! He has a high rank, but he is firmly and deeply involved in this nonsense. It's rather crazy to see a WHITE COMMUNIST RADICAL like this. I find it funny that he is involved in the fight between Zuma and the Black Jew Ramaphosa. And it's serious stuff. They've been in court, etc. I find it funny watching our enemies fighting. Jan]

Citizens should act legally but act when they get a chance to take president to police station

Urgent call for immediate citizen’s arrest of Cyril Ramaphosa by fellow SA citizens

21 June 2022

Under the circumstances, with what had been revealed about the criminal #PhalaPhalaFarm shenanigans of #CyrilRamaphosa it will be, in terms of the Criminal Procedures Act, No 51 of 1977 (the CPA) and the Constitution of SA, Act No. 108 of 1996, perfectly correct and reasonable for any SA citizen to carry out a citizen’s arrest of #CyrilRamaphosa. I would like to urge all of us, as concerned South African citizens, whenever and wherever we get the chance to do exactly that, and to arrest Cyril Ramaphosa immediately, and take him to the closet police station.

Act legally at all times, but with singular determination that criminals must be apprehend! Arrests by private persons are governed by the Criminal Procedure Act, No. 51 of 1977 (the CPA) and the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, Act No. 108 of 1996 (the Constitution), and consider the following:

Under what circumstances

In terms of section 42 of the CPA: Arrest by private person without warrant

(1) Any private person may without warrant arrest any person:

(a) who commits or attempts to commit in his presence or whom he reasonably suspects of having committed an offence referred to in Schedule 1:

(b) whom he reasonably believes to have committed any offence and to be escaping from and to be freshly pursued by a person whom such private person reasonably believes to have authority to arrest that person for that offence;

(c) whom he is by any law authorised to arrest without warrant in respect of any offence specified in that law; (d) whom he sees engaged in an affray;

(2) Any private person who may without warrant arrest any person under subsection (1) (a) may forthwith pursue that person, and any other private person to whom the purpose of the pursuit has been made known, may join and assist therein.

(3) The owner, lawful occupier or person in charge of property on or in respect of which any person is found committing any offence, and any person authorised thereto by such owner, occupier or person in charge, may without warrant arrest the person so found.

[Sub-s. (3) substituted by s. 13 of Act No. 59 of 1983

Issued by Carl Niehaus, 21 June 2022


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