Merry Yule/Merry Xmas White people … here is a card from HistoryReviewed and AfricanCrisis for you…

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Video & Audio: Nelson Mandelas support for Jews
We take a quick look at Nelson Mandela the most famous Black politician in the world, and the first Black President of South Africa. He has amazingly strong ties to the White Jews of South Africa. This is born out in his own words, and also in photos.

[Here’s wishing all Whites a Merry Yule and Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year! I hope you will prepare for the dark future that others are bringing for us! We will survive! Just hang in there… Jan]

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Selfmoordvoorkoming Suid-Afrika
Daar is ‘n SELFMOORD EPIDEMIE onder Blankes in SA. Daar is ‘n BAIE* Blankes, veral mans, insluitend jong mans, wat vir hulleself geen hoop in SA sien nie. Hierdie mense doen uitstekende werk om die lewens van Blankes, veral jong Blankes, te red en hulle hoop te gee.

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