Whites: When you agree that Anti-Semitism is EVIL … you’re signing your own DEATH WARRANT!

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These Jews run around the world complaining about anti-semitism and how evil it is. But the whole matter is really the inverse of the actual reality.

Imagine that a habitual criminal, who has carried out HUNDREDS or THOUSANDS of robberies, went and said to the Police/Govt, that any attempt to prevent him from theft, is itself a crime? Imagine that a thief DEMANDED the right to steal from you? That he said it was his RIGHT to do so and that anyone who tried to stop him, was actually the real criminal?

That, in a nutshell, is what anti-semitism is. Anti-Semitism is really the reaction of whites to Jewish lies and behaviour. It irks them and it builds up over time because the Jews don’t change their ways. It is very likely that they CANNOT change their ways actually – but that does not make them innocent.

Anti-Semitism, is Jewish nonsense that criminalises the non-Jew. And whenever whites are goaded by the Jews into accepting that "anti-semitism" must be combatted, then in fact, the whites are agreeing to hang themselves.

By agreeing that anti-semitism is the "problem", you are immediately letting the Jew off the hook. You’re taking a noose and putting it around your own neck.

Anti-Semitism is nothing more than a fake code of behaviour that Jews force on non-Jews and the leaders of the non-Jews, being the worthless, spineless garbage that they are, agree to because they and the Jews, collectively, have their handed in the cookie jar.

Anti-Semitism is nothing more than a code of conduct that is racially based to protect the Jews. So the Jew is never the problem … instead … the problem is the person defending himself from Jewish behaviour and tactics.

And the Jew DEMANDS that anti-semitism be a code, not just in white, Western nations, but in fact across the world. I find it quite funny that lots of non-whites are the only ones sane enough to see this for the sheer madness that it is.

We whites have been so integrated with Jews for so long that we accept this total shit as if it is sane, when in fact it is the height of madness.

Jews and ONLY JEWS have this bogus code of conduct that they walk around and try to get it to be applied in every country. It is such garbage.

Jews should NOT be allowed to have "rights" beyond that which others have. And when it comes to junk like Kosher slaughter which is cruelty to animals, this stuff should NOT be allowed.

Jews must be FORCED to operate EXACTLY according to ALL the rules of the Western world WITHOUT ANY EXCEPTION!

Jewish courts – the Beth Din – should be OUTLAWED. Why the hell do Jews have their own court system? Jews don’t have it. I know the Muslims speak of it and want it as Sharia law. Whereas the Muslims try to have it, they don’t always get it. But Jews have it everywhere. Well, neither the Jewish Beth Din, nor Sharia Law should be allowed in the West. The state has its legal system and that is the ONLY court system that should be allowed.

All these "special privileges" for JEWS ONLY, which Jew DEMAND, should be removed from them. And if they don’t like it then they must resettle in Israel and practise it there.

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