Christianity made Southerners soft and Rhodesians and South Africans very soft – Ian Smith’s Memoirs

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[This is a note I sent someone from the Creativity Movement about some of my research into the memoirs of Ian Smith of Rhodesia who famously said that there wouldn't be Black Rule in Rhodesia, not in a thousand years. Jan]

The American told me how southern Americans worked on turning Blacks into Christians and got them singing Church hymns in English, etc. I replied:

It is useful for me to better understand the mindset of American whites. It sounds a lot like South Africa. But all the Whites here were religious including the Rhodesians.

I’ve been studying Ian Smith’s memoirs, mainly to search for specific things. And Ian Smith shows even his Christianity and is proud of it. Some of it is, to me, horrifying and very negative MILITARILY. However, what Ian Smith did, is minor compared to what the South Africans did. The South Africans could have packed such an insane military punch that you’d fall on your back, and they backed out of it all the way EXCEPT when America/CIA sent them off to do stuff for them. But I’ll give you examples. Ian Smith was proud of the fact that during one big attack by the Rhodesian Army and Air Force in Zambia, that there was an OAU (Basically Black African Union) meeting going on in Lusaka. The Rhodesian Air Force was there, and could EASILY have killed many dozens of Black Africa’s top leaders – but Rhodesia DIDN’T!!!! Ian Smith is PROUD of that. Another one is for external operations in Mozambique, Ian Smith is proud that we WARNED THE BLACKS that ALL CAMPS are possible targets for attacks and they must remove women and children from the camps! So that means that Rhodesia warned the Blacks beforehand that attacks were coming. This is VERY MILITARY STUPID. But Smith is proud of it. Furthermore, Smith admits that the Russians taught the Blacks to use women and children among them as a tactic AND the women were trained to FIGHT. So Rhodesia was pulling military punches, at a time when we were DESPERATE and we put Christian morality ABOVE military success. This is just nuts.

But if you think that’s bad, the South Africans are even worse. Under Prime Minister Vorster, who IN HIS YOUTH WAS A GERMAN SUPPORTING NEO-NAZI (Ossewabrandwag – basically a semi-NAZI, militant group that did TERRORISM inside South Africa during WW2). Vorster in his youth was basically a Boer Neo-NAZI. When you hear about the story of Vorster and the Jews and the West – You’ll just fall on your back. I’ll deal with that later in a special video. It will just stun you. I’ve never discussed Vorster, but we in Rhodesia did not like him. PW Botha comes out as the best of all the South African leaders during Rhodesia and after Rhodesia. Vorster and FW De Klerk – were just plain morons. But it’s amazing how a former Boer NEO-NAZI became a total egg-head.

The simple thing is, you CANNOT mix politics+morality and war. If you’re at war, you cannot let other things override your military requirements.

The Rhodesians pulled punches, and the South Africans pulled insane numbers of punches. To the credit of the Portuguese, the Portuguese might not have had the best quality army – but the Portuguese were RUTHLESS. They were the only Whites who massacred Blacks. On brutality, the Portuguese were No 1. This is where Rhodesia and South Africa whimpered out.

The world is brutal, and the Blacks and everybody else only understand POWER. So when you pull your punches for the sake of MORALITY – the Blacks see that as WEAKNESS. The Blacks then pride themselves on being BETTER because they are more RUTHLESS. The Russians especially taught them RUTHLESSNESS.

Parts of Ian Smith’s book are good and fascinating. He is racist and quietly indicates that without actually saying it. It comes through. He even has quite a grasp of broader history. But, like all Whites, he ducks and dives the issue of race and pretends Rhodesia was not about race. Parts of his book are a good read, with great info and insights, and other parts make me want to crawl up the wall. He describes in detail his interactions with the British and the South Africans and it makes for a great read. You see fascinating things. He even met Salazar of the Portuguese and he’s AWESOME! The 2nd half of his book makes me crazy. I can almost lose my mind as I’m reading it. I just can’t even believe that one can belittle oneself so much to meet with Black scum and Black fools and you work to assist them move forward. You might as well slit your own throat. He does also mention interesting Rhodesian characters. Some of them parted company with him. I still have a real soft spot for the South African, PK Van Der Byl. To me, he still comes out strong. He was very popular among the Rhodesians and the troops loved him. INTERESTINGLY, that stupid fool Vorster FORCED IAN SMITH to fire Van Der Byl – I think from his post as Minister of Defence where he was awesome. There were some AWESOME South Africans in Rhodesia. Some were high ranking in the army and airforce. But for a politician, history will show Van Der Byl as a good man. Rhodesians liked him a LOT. He was almost as popular as Ian Smith. I liked him a lot too. Among those Rhodesians were some hard core Whites who wanted to get down and slaughter Blacks. Sadly, I don’t have enough stuff about the RAP. Rhodesian Action Party. THEY WERE HARDCORE.

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