American writes: I see another Rhodesia-SA conflict here in the USA very soon – White women betrayed us…


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[Here are some comments from a reader. My Comments to his are below. Jan]

Jan I see another Rhodesia-SA conflict here in the USA very soon. They’re using the same play book propping up these black bastards on pedestals like blm and us Whites are the devil and most importantly, our White woman betrayed us. Fact

These sleepy eyed White men have a big surprise coming to a White nation near you. Wake up White man and don’t listen to your White woman, they betrayed you since the beginning of time. They’re on the side of opposition, isn’t it obvious? All other female race’s stick with their man except the White race except for a few who know.

The UN claim to be ‘peace keepers’ which in fact is a total lie. They are in fact ‘peace makers’ ask anybody in the former Yugoslavia or any other global conflict. There’s a big difference from peace keeper to peace maker. In my lifetime, I would love to see the UN dissolved, the jews always abuse power and the UN is jew powered with the shabbos goy nod. Our people, the White man have been duped…

My Reply:
re: The United Nations whom I have an INTENSE HATRED for.
You are right that they are not peace keepers but peace makers. Dead right. They interfere and even take sides and openly assist the side that they want to support. To me it has seemed that every time they sided with someone it was a (Jewish) communist. The UN might as well just plain f*ck off, because they don’t leave the place better. Personally, I also don’t like the UN because the UN is in effect, a Globalist Army whose goal it is to bring armies from various nations to push a global agenda. But, most of the fighting and funding comes from the West and it does NOT BENEFIT OUR RACE OR OUR NATIONS. So why the hell waste the time? I have a total hatred for the UN and have never yet seen an instance where they assisted any side that I would have approved of. NEVER! In Africa the good news is that they have made enemies and even the black governments themselves are struggling to control the whole morass. So I am happy that Africa is falling apart.

re: Our Women betraying us.
This is part of the cultural breakdown that comes from the Jews via feminism, etc. All these things that focused on destroying the family. The Jews have broken down every aspect of our society, and I see it in music, in thought, etc. Their focus has been on destroying the power of the man. Alex Linder has said that a white man, in the past, was something of a "little king". He ruled his own family. He could do as he pleased. He could beat his children, etc. He was the BOSS of the family. This, itself may be an evolutionary thing for us whereby, our race adopted the Germanic one-man, one-woman method of pairing off as opposed to the polygamy of the Aryans. The whole issue of male/female relationships, children and marriage is a topic by itself. My own short term view is that: Whatever results in the most children is the best – for now. However, with it comes the animal side of humans and the need to satisfy sexual desires. All of these matters need to be taken into account so that all men and all women can live and have a certain amount of happiness. But the Jews/Commies/Liberals, set out to destroy the white male, first and foremost and did it on the basis of undermining the white male’s authority. They did this in a series of steps starting with giving women the vote. Then bringing in feminism, etc. In fact, 100 years ago, women were already breaking the trends by cutting their hair short and beginning to look like men. Men were already noticing it back then. My suspicion, is that based on evolution, our women evolved into what they are due to male dominance and that this system is what worked for us for tens of thousands of years. Now that system is broken. I have sympathy, in the degree that, our women are now treasonous because this is what happens when they are taken away from male care. Their natural instincts are nurturing, caring and instead of it being directed to their children, family and race, they now have to give it to dogs, cats, blacks, Jews, etc. This is all wrong. We as a race need kids. We need white male domination and control and direction again badly, but it is hard to achieve when the women are working against you and the malicious Jew is promoting them and misdirecting them and wasting their lives. We have lots of problems to solve.

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