The White Man Blues! – Hang in there Whites … DON’T QUIT… Some European hope too

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This is a very brief note to people. I’ve been very busy with a number of things. And videos are coming … and lots more.

There’s quite a lot going on and I’ve been chatting to Whites in different countries. I have been receiving some positive news even from Europe where, despite every effort to shut Whites up, it seems some of our people are stirring.

Though most things that are going on are relatively small scale, there is good stuff and above all a sign that there is a lot more confidence, determination and even outright ANGER of Whites.

One comment that I enjoyed was from a European who told me that the Elite are *HATED*.

The man who slapped the filthy French globalist scum Macron, is a hero.

Just this evening I was talking to some of my close South African friends and we were looking at some nasty things that have been going on. But we noticed here too, a lot more RESISTANCE. There are Whites who are openly getting sick and tired of things, and especially the Afrikaans speakers have shown balls. The Afrikaans speakers are the core of White South Africa in the same way that the Germans are the core of Europe.

I was saying to the local folks that we need to enter the ABYSS … that the ABYSS is the only way forward. That these Blacks are taking us to the edge, but that it is better to go over the edge.

We must enter the NIGHTMARE because that is the place where we need to stand up to these Blacks and to show them our will and determination.

I’m liking a lot of what I’m seeing and hearing.


Just keep on doing your bit to spread the truth. IT DOES WORK!

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