Video: Covid Nu (Omicron) variant a COVER STORY for accelerating wave of vaccine deaths


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[Some good stuff from Mike Adams' whose focus is health and COVID. This is what he has to say about "Omicron". As I warned, months ago already, from my chat with a Boer lady who is the manager of a pharmacy that I go to regularly, she said to me that COVID would remain with us … FOREVER. I asked her, if we would be wearing Masks and worrying about COVID ten years from now. And she said YES. She explained this to me a few months ago and I published it. And we can see, 2 years into the "Pandemic" that the "Pandemic" does not seem to go away, and despite all the things that were intended to "improve matters", that in fact things "get worse". Here is the link to my discussion with my Boer dentist on 20th September 2021: and here is the link to my discussion with with the Boer pharmacist on 20th August 2021 about whether we would be wearing masks ten years from now: – So as you can see, we're definitely going down that line where nothing improves. And how many of you remember in April 2020, when Ramaphosa announced the first lockdown and he then "joked" that he had not said WHICH YEAR IT WOULD END? And people thought that was "funny". A quote from then is:
“The country’s frayed nerves were not helped this week by Ramaphosa
joking with journalists on Tuesday that although he had said the
lockdown would end on 16 April, he had not said what year it would be.” Here is the link to my article that I published on 10th April 2020: – and the question is, whether the Jewish snake, Ramaphosa, knew then already, that this lockdown junk would last for YEARS!!!! We have discussed over the last year, whether COVID would "by accident" get "worse" and "worse" and more people would just end up dying? And that indeed, seems to be where the whole world is going. Jan]

Here is Mike Adam’s analysis of the latest "COVID Variant".

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